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  1. I think there will be a few great district games tonight. St. Henry vs. Lloyd at Dixie Beechwood vs. HC at BW All three should be good games.
  2. Again you have the wrong guy. I believe the BW scorekeeper is Brills. Talk with him!
  3. I think you have the wrong guy there TOG. I was nowhere near Barleycorn's. Plus, i don't have a clue as to who you are. As far as the Tomlin's mother, it was a joke not to be taken seriously but I know Coop and others have your feathers ruffled b/c of your scorekeeping.
  4. I figured UK1 fan would have been all over the posting of the SK kids!
  5. It doesnt matter to me one way or the other how you perceive him. It just shows your racial bias. I was just pointing out how the left wing media tends to throw race into it. Should have been reported,"... an American man got into an altercation with another American man and one was shot. Let's now do some research and see if it's murder or self defense." JMHO
  6. Hey Coop, you know those would have been credited as hits if CCH was at bat!
  7. And what about Zimmerman being referred to as a "white" hispanic? Is that not biased or racist?!
  8. Brossart beat Lex Caths JV team. LC had prom and all JR and SR's were not at game. Still probably a good win.
  9. No problem JPA. Nice wins by HHS by the way.
  10. Better than nothing I guess. I'm not sure all the details. I'm sure the Enquirer will have all the details for you tomorrow! Good night!
  11. Nice sarcasm! That's exactly what was posted!
  12. Try E6th. First baseman blocks ball and throws home late. If your giving hits on that, I have to question all your averages!
  13. He doesn't throw hard enough i guess. No great off speed either. He is crafty with placement and changing speeds on his fastball.
  14. Final from game played late last night. Today the remaining games of the Tourney were all canceled due to rain. Great game by Beechies.
  15. I heard it was his elbow. Too bad for anyone getting hurt especially in their senior season.
  16. I was extremely disappointed in the bantering and name calling from the CCH kids (fans) at the game. I guess that is something that is tolerated by the parents of parochial kids. Don't know why. Some CCH parents seemed to think it was funny. I'm sure glad I'm not part of that! As for the game, CCH is definitely the team to beat in the 9th. I said it before the season in another thread and I'm saying it again here....they will win the 9th this year! And OLD GUY, get your prescription checked.....Lankheit was a good ten feet from the backstop....although it still was a good catch, heck anytime a catcher catches a foul ball it's a good catch!
  17. No way Dixie wins it. They had arguably the best team two years ago and lost. Maxwell won't get it done again! Great guy but can't win in region.
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