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  1. ATY Roosters go 4-0 in the Smokies tournament. To see info about team go to their website at Home
  2. Berger won't do it. How many kids would come to him for hitting from other schools if he was the head BW baseball coach? His ATY business would die; however, I would love to see him coach. He does a great job with RB's for BW and I'm sure he would do an excellent job coaching baseball.
  3. BW is sending Cody Gohs and Darrick Brilz for the Senior game. Ryan Rengering and Justin Parker will go for the Junior game.
  4. Didn't Cain pitch 6 innings on Monday? Wow, to come back that quickly is impressive, if it actually happened!
  5. Don't you think it would be tough for him to come back on 2 days rest. I know he would be able to based on rules but would he be effective? How many pitches did he throw thru 6?
  6. Looks like I'm winning the prediction pool!
  7. That's one of the reasons I do not like playing at Freedom in the regional or all A. Teams are used to playing on grass fields all year and then you play on a fast surface. I think the surface takes away from small ball and makes average fielding teams better. Can't say it makes a difference on fly balls.
  8. I don't think anyone's heart is in it when they lose! I thought this would be the outcome if CCH drew Dixie in their first game.
  9. Ryle wins SH wins Dixie wins Conner wins Ryle wins Conner wins Ryle wins Region
  10. I don't know coach Combs and I'm sure he was a great coach but do they have English at Montgomery County High School? Good night!
  11. Nah. Probably will clear stadium after each game. Clint needs some extra vacation money!:laugh: JK of course.
  12. I wish all regions would schedule this way. Monday, Tues, and Wed. Back to back. It is a better judge of pitching depth. I also like that they play it on high school fields. JMO
  13. Get off it! He didn't have a problem saying St. Henry wasn't worth anything earlier in this thread. Your right that the Lloyd game was a good close fought game; however for a team that, how'd he put it ....'They will not be close to Lloyd or Dixie this year!'... that wasn't tacky at all! I wouldn't have said a thing about the game other than Neverwrong had to make his uninformed statement that St. Henry would be garbage. The problem I see is NeverWrong is never right!
  14. You're assumig CCH will beat Dixie. I'm calling for the upset. Dixie over CCH.
  15. Where are you Neverright? I guess I did call it after all. Lloyd goes home and Dixie will play a one seed.
  16. My vantage point it was an error for sure!
  17. Guess you were wrong about Conner/Boone! That was definitely the worst out of the 3. StHenry/Lloyd must have been a doozy!
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