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  1. How many UKFAN1's are there?
  2. I think he may be related to TOG! Oh wait! Thats Campbell County not Cov Cath!
  3. Koz just called and said gas prices are tooooo high to fire up the bus this year. That's why their looking local!
  4. Disagree Clyde. There are two or three that are making a better case IMO.
  5. Congrats to Tommy! I did think, however, that he would go bigger than TMC.
  6. Heck, they're not even listed on the scoreboard as playing any games. I know they are in BW, CCH, Holmes and HC's district but noone has a game scheduled with them. Go figure. Must've been a write in candidate:laugh:
  7. Boone 9 Dixie 2. Even if Teegarden doesn't pitch. I would like to see Ganns pitch.
  8. Your telling me cov latin is in front of Cooper and Walton Verona and campbell county? Nothing against latin, but come on!
  9. Final. Schumann goes 6 1/3. Beechwood wins the "Papa John's King of Swing."
  10. First off, I don't believe Barickman even goes to Boone now. Secondly, there was a kid from Woodford County, who last year was throwing 91 mph as a sophomore. I can't remember his name for the life of me; however, heard over fall he was in the high 90's. The fall speed isn't validated. The 91 is validated since I saw it with my own eyes on a few scouts radar guns at the game.
  11. Nice outing after a rough first inning. There were actually 5 hits for BW. BW pitcher had a rough time in 2nd inning giving up 4 runs. Nice win for the Juggs. BW needs to do something to get back on track.
  12. Nope. Just a couple against the building.
  13. I'd like to see what happens when these two teams meet again and the left fielder comes to the plate!
  14. Walsh pitched for Campbell but was pulled in the 5th. Two others pitched for Campbell in 5th and 6th. BW pitched Smith a couple of innings and Parker 3+ and Gohs finished it out. For BW, I know Gohs, Brilz and Suchanek had multiple hits. Not sure about CC.
  15. Schumann pitched for BW. His breaking ball is not a curve but a worth pitch. It's a change up that breaks. Didn't the younger Clarkson pitch as well for Ryle? I thought there were 4 different pitchers for Raiders.
  16. I wouldn't say they're a sleeper. They start all seniors with the exception of the catcher. If they don't do anything in the 9th, it'll again be an underperforming Maxwell led Dixie team, IMHO.
  17. Final. This was second game of a double header for BW. Two nice wins today.
  18. My kid goes to BW and they don't have an ACT class that the juniors or seniors have to take. They just have excellent teachers there who teach the ACT content very well. A few teachers do offer an ACT class that is on Sunday's but it's not required for the BW students to take. Matter of fact, it's mostly comprised of parochial kids from CCH, ND, BB, and NCC. Amazing to pay all that money for a private education and then pay some public school teachers to re-educate them on the ACT! Kinda funny actually!!
  19. Final. Beechwood plays WV for championship at 4:00.
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