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  1. Have you thought maybe Holy Cross played bad because of ludlow? I
  2. This game was actually closer than score will tell. Was a very good and competitive game for close to three full quarters. Ludlow was 10-28 from the free throw line tonight. Toward the end of the game ludlow just had to many empty possessions and Conner made them pay with good shooting all night.
  3. It was 13-0 KCD after first. At half now 14-13 ludlow
  4. If ludlows line can give them time to throw then I will pick ludlow. Like stated above will be hard to beat anybody just running.
  5. Bellevue was not innocent last night a lot of ludlows penalties were cause of retaliation.
  6. 20-14 2:37 left in third. Penalties are killing ludlow
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