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  1. Now back to the game I look for this to be a battle after seeing both teams play last night I see a VERY low scoring game HC likes slowing it down getting in there sets and running them on offense and is very good at what they do on the defensive end of the ball. In there game against Newport NCC when trying to push the ball and run would turn the ball over way to much so therefore I look for both teams wanting to play slow and play smart not taking tons of ill advised shots! I see this one coming down to the wire HC 28 NCC 27!
  2. while a player is shooting foul shots and Mclendon follows the beechwood girl towards beechwood a bench sense she was guarding her and the beechwood coach progresses to tell the player every name in the book and saying very bad choice words directed at Mclendon while she was standing 2 ft in front of him! Again I've played beechwood my whole life and I know you guys never do wrong but this is not Mclendons issue! Also if your so worried about a player not shaking a coaches hand, how about the last two years when game after game coaches would walk right by Deja Turner and not shake her hand? Did you see any one demanding a suspension because of a hand shake? No! Some states have now banned shaking hands after games!
  3. I have played high school sports o have also coached high school sports not shaking a hand calling for a suspension? Your kidding me right? Did you stop to think of what your coaches said to McClendon made her not want to shake his hand? If anyone deserves suspension it's not McClendon it's the coach who said those things to her.
  4. I new this situation would be brought up sooner then later, Beechwood hasn't changed sense I was in high school they never start anything they never do any wrong and there is absolutely no reason they should get beat. This choice words you heard from the stands actually wasn't McClendon it was your teams bench, also McClendon being told by a beechwood parent that she is (an unkind term) is that ok because it was a beechwood parent? McClendon is a competitor and no by any means is she perfect but I've watched her play, I've watched a lot of these teams play multiple times a year. McClendon doesn't just turn around and give the (inappropriate word) to someone and sure doesn't bring on confrontation or commission on the court! As for RCC9's comment is this brought year after year because Highlands doesn't get the offer to play in it and still can't manage to make it outta the region? Sorry after the comments above I couldn't resist trying to push some RCC9 buttons lol!
  5. A player who may not get much recognition because of playing at a small 1A school being Ludlow is QB Justin Blackburn this kid is a work horse and a pure athlete look for him to put up big numbers on Friday nights!
  6. By far the nastiest move by #10 for Holy Cross on McClendon! Left McClendon standing at the 3 point line in a daze!!!! What a ball game!
  7. Congrats Lexi, fantastic accomplishment for only a sophomore. Can't wait to see her stats after her final game as a senior!
  8. The only advantage that Ryle had in this game which they will have on most teams all year is there size. Even with the there size they didn't have an answer for Mclendon all night long Ryle coach was yelling in team huddle about having to close the gap keep her from penetrating. As for coaching in this one everyone who says coach Murphy isn't a good coach he made a pretty good coaching adjustment that gave rule fits in the second half with there 3-2 zone they had played the whole game! Putting Beal on the foul line made ryle have to actually think on defense and not sit back and use there size. Not taking anything away from Ryle as I have not seen Holmes play yet this year but after last nights game I wouldn't put Ryle in my top spot for the 9th region rankings! They are for sure good and there size is a hard matchup for anyone but not #1 in the region or northern Kentucky. As for not shooting well Tucker and Gabbered didn't shoot well last night, Beal and Mclendon scoring kept HC in it, without shooting well. So I wouldn't say it would have been a double digit win if Ryle shot Better. What I noticed will kill this Ryle team is after Jump they have no other real inside presence who can finish around the rim, Lange sp? Has a great jump shot but around the rim her game drops off! Like stated before these two teams will be in the hunt come tourney time, good luck to these two teams from here on!
  9. As everyone knows I agree that Holmes right now is the top dog in the 9th, no pun intended. Until they are beat it's there's to lose, that being said I honestly believe any of the top 5 teams whomever that may be could beat each other on any given night. This regional tourney is going to be a really fun one to take in!
  10. Also the 3-second calls that where not made but one time would be when SK has the ball just past half court no shot being taken, and the post player would be standing dead center of the paint posting up against HC bigs for a total of (and we counted SK fans and myself included) 6-8 seconds multiple times during the game. How do you negate/restart the time on that? Also the elbows, if I do believe and correct me if I'm wrong the rule has change about swinging through with the elbows and using them to clear space? The elbow by Meier was completely uncalled for and in mine as well as others a dirty play. She wasn't being pushed she wasn't being leaned on she didn't even have a pass coming her way she just blatantly threw the elbow. As for the elbows by Neace I can understand why she did it beings I've been in that position before being trapped and nowhere to go but to continuously throw them back and forth is to much. For the "carries" to be called on Mclendon is a very laughable call as well, because about 80% of girls playing high school basketball carry the ball everytime they dribble because of strength issues it goes uncalled. Mclendon is smooth with the ball and so quick I don't know how she can be called for a carry doing a simple cross over. Again SK played a great game they hit shots when they needed them. Also made there free throws late they deserved to win the game not taking anything away from them one bit! All I'm stating is the officiating was poor at best and majority of games I've attended at SK which has been ALOT they seemed to get a very great margin of home court calls!
  11. Again was not stating that HC lost this game because of officiating! Was clearly stating that the officiating in this game was no where near even. The walk call was called on Mclendon as soon as she took a step, Neace would take off from above the foul line and end up shooting a lay up with no call? The offensive fouls on Mclendon where ghost calls as soon as she would blow by a defender the whistle was blown for a foul or a carry. Far far far away from being officiated evenly. AGAIN NOT SAYING HC LOST BECAUSE OF OFFICIATING!
  12. Ok I've kept quiet long enough, SK came out and beat HC. True! HC did not play there best at any point in this game, as for officiating anyone who knows basketball knows that the officiating in this game was awful. Now I'm not at all saying HC lost because of officiating but while sitting with SK parents and there opinion on calls being horrible something is wrong! As stated by a precious poster calls driving to the basket being fair, please explain how you think that? How does HC get called for a walk twice while being tied up driving to the basket, but Neace drives does the same three step move and gets a no call? Explain to me how SK bits can stand in the paint for 6 seconds no movement at all, and not have 3 seconds called again even the SK patents I sat by counted multiple occasions this happened. Explain to me how meier blatantly throws an elbow to HC bigs mid section right in front of the official and gets a simple offensive foul called on her? Should have been a flegrent, technical or even an ejection. HC got called for multiple offensive fouls for "pushing off" yet a HC player gets pushed off into the scores table and it's a blocking foul? HC had Neace trapped right in front of SK bench she throws multiple elbows which caused HC fans in I erupt when nothing is called but a time out for SK even Stowers yells to HC fans get off her she won't throw elbows. Again all these calls where questioned by SK fans as well. Also like I stated earlier HC didn't show up to win either not at all blaming officiating for the loss, but to say this game was officiated evenly is a joke! As far as the game went HC had good Games from multiple contributers, Mclendon had her game! Crigler came off the bench to hit big 3s beal had a great spert late in the game on offense but because of foul trouble only played sparingly tucker had great finished going to the basket and gabbered again played a great big game inside with her size. Just wasn't enough to get the win!
  13. I can't wait for this matchup to tip off tonight! This game will be a war in my opinion Mclendon is probably the best defender in northern Kentucky IMO, that being said with Beal and Tucker by her side I don't think Neace is enough to get the win for SK. Meier Sp? And Chames will be a battle down low possibly the best people will get to see all year! Tucker and Beal can create there own shots with the best of them and Mclendon running the point is hard to stop. I'll take HC by 10.
  14. You do nothing but bash HC they win you bash them they lose you let them have it! Heck even on the ACS thread you made a comment about Ryle being the only competition for Holmes, Get over yourself and HC they are winning and others wanna be apart of the ride!
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