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  1. Sacred Heart shooting guard and Kentucky Premier player Kiki Samsel signed to play for King College a D2 program located in Bristol, TN. Kiki holds the SHA career record for most threes made and 3pt career ave of 44%. Shrs also scored over 1500 points in her prep career. King has played in their conference tournament championship game the last three years winning once.
  2. So will there be a let down after a huge upset? Will Scott High get the better of GRC? Can GRC contain Celphane?
  3. CC is really good, so it's a great win for the Lady Cards. CC #1 don't know where that came from though. Max Preps has Mercer #1. AP poll has Sacred Heart #1. Lit has Sacred Heart #1. BGP has Mercer #1.
  4. Sacred Heart has two Volleyball players on their Varsity roster.
  5. Didn't Chuck Knoll start out his coaching career with the Steelers without a win his first year? Improved a little the second year and Art Rooney stayed with him. How many Super Bowls did he win?
  6. If the talent doesn't try out , how do you have "all the talent in the world at that school to pick from"? It's tough for a coach to compete against talented teams with a team that doesn't match up to that talent. If the administration hired a coach, then they saw someone who met their expectations in a coach. To be fair that coach needs some time to get the talent already at the school interested in playing basketball and get kids to attend NDA from the middle schools. These things seem to run in cycles, so time is needed to get the program turned around.
  7. We've all seen the big stat numbers from kids over the years, but how important are these stats compared to how good the kid really is on the court. Are they team players or selfish players? Do they make kids around them better or worse by having the kids standing around watching the stat player. Do kids transfer from that school, so they can play on a team that shares the ball. (oh wait, that never happens) Kids on lesser teams can put up big numbers, but are they any better than kids on a good team that have average stats because many of the players on that team are highly skilled players? Are stats important? I say the answer is yes and no. Yes when trying to get to the next level, so coaches at least take a look at the kid. No when comparing kids because there are too many variances. Example: The six and seventh region reports stats leaders out on some mediums. When you look at the list of the top kids on the list many play for sub-standard teams and are the only option on that team. Are their stats skewed compared to other top teams where kids aren't the only option or don't get as many minutes on the court because of a running clock? Stats are fun to look at for the player, family, and message boards, but that's about it. What are your thoughts?
  8. Elizabethtown's big win was early on in the season against Mercy. Mercy was without some key players that didn't play in that game. I know Feldcamp was out due to a concussion.
  9. It is, but it started in the Campbell County/Holmes thread. Didn’t want that thread to be hijacked.
  10. How will Campbell County’s big 3 players stack up to SHA’s team?
  11. Predictions for this key matchup on Feb 2nd at Sacred Heart?
  12. I think CC will be a tough out for SHA on Friday. CC gave the Valkyries all they wanted last year without the transfer, so it should be a very competitive game. SHA wins by 8.
  13. I don’t think anyone on here thinks their team is a hands down lock to win the Championship. Heck, SHA has to get out of their own region, which isn’t a given. Male, Manual, and Eastern stand in their way.
  14. I really like Grace Berger’s comments. Much respect for the Mercer team. Classy comments.
  15. State title — not LIT — still Sacred Heart's main target Nice recap in today’s CJ on LIT win.
  16. Sacred Heart girls basketball blasts Mercer County in LIT finals CJ story on Championship game.
  17. Well I think the Mercer team would disagree with you on that. They stated in a recent article that winning the LIT was one of their big goals this year besides winning State. Mercer County will use this to get better just like Sacred Heart did after the defeat they had at Mercer in December. I hope for all our sake they meet in the Sweet Sixteen Championship game. What a game it would be. I know Campbell County and others have a legit chance, but I really think these are the two best teams in Kentucky with many kids that will play at the next level. For entertainment sake I hope they meet for a State title.
  18. Why would Mercer schedule a regular season game on Thursday of the LIT?
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