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  1. By far it is. Have a great group of freshman coming in also. 3 of the should start right away. Hayes, Miller and Smith are all really good players. Believe Miller plays on his AAU team.
  2. Don't never say this but it was one sided on all calls tonight. Taylor up 46-12.
  3. Casey will be lucky to win 3 basketball games this year.
  4. Garrard County with a big stop. Like see Garrard win this.
  5. How will Garrard do this Friday? The playoff on that side is a lot easier then the top half of 3A. Garrard should make it this far year in and year out.
  6. Great win for Andy! Where will the SW and AC game be at?
  7. 7-0 Lc ball on there 42. #1 is to much for bc's DBs
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