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  1. LC is absolutely the best team GCHS has played this year at this point in the season. They are big, strong, fast off the ball, hit hard, run hard and play smash mouth football. We just flat out got our butts kicked but I think it is a great leason for our boys, if they stay focused on what our coaches tell them, stay together, work really hard in the weight room then we will be doing the same thing next year. LC is a really good team and I think they will match up well with Bell and make a deep run in the playoffs. Great job LC good luck rest of the year. GCHS lick your wounds and get ready for this coming Friday night, two more games in the regular season and we need to win them both, no exceptions...
  2. The mud won't hurt GCHS on the offensive side of the ball, 4 yards and a pile of mud... GCHS will have to really play some Defense to win this ball game, that being said, we have yet to put four quarters together as a team, we do that and I believe we can't be beat, the talent is there, the heart is there and the desire to win is there, the coaching staff is excellent, first class all the way around but Defense wins ball games and we need to really step it up big on the Defensive side of the ball and I know our boys can do this, LC is a really good team but we have played some really good teams with our schedule this year and we have improved each game we have played, Coach Copley just might have these boys peaking at the right time.... Go GCHS..:thumb:
  3. Greenup makes the defensive adjustments we need to make during the ballgame on Friday night, GCHS wins 34-32.....
  4. Greenup County gets their Defense where it needs to be they will be tough to stop in the District. Our defense is where we need to make some improvements and possibly some changes IMHO... The heart, desire and winning attitude is their, we now just need to get the Defense where it needs to be and we will win this game on Friday night. Defense will be the key. GCHS 35 Rowan 28
  5. Zack Reed is a great athlete and will excel at baseball. Good kid, let's get back to the game at hand. GCHS is going to take this one this week..
  6. When Lyle's group was a freshman the JV game went down to the last play with a goal line stand by the muskies and with a win... This group of boys have heart and guts, they will persevere and continue to prosper under the leadership of our coaching staff, the support of the administration and the great support of our community. These boys have guts.....
  7. I love our offensive line and they are improving each week and I can tell you Lyle better be telling his lineman how much he loves them. GCHS will win this one at home but I predict a close one 28-21
  8. Doc, you have always been good to my kids in the Greenup program and I know your heart is torn between the two, I appreciate what you do for our community, for the kids, you are a class act, don't let it get to you. People love to hate, you just got to keep spreading the love to kill it...
  9. I never doubted the heart and the desire of this team. Now with Carter in the backfield with Waugh and Lyle and our awesome fullback, we have 4 excellent backs, Carter and Waugh with the speed and Lyle with the power downhill running to get those tough yards between the tackles. The Defense showed some heart as well. Carter has definitely put GCHS as a district contender... He is an awesome athlete and will only make those around him better. I am very proud of our coaching staff last night Coach Copley and Tex did one hell of a job making adjustments. I am rooting for Raceland the rest of the year now that we got that one over with, Raceland has some talent, great backs and Rister is a good QB, made some excellent throws that put our backs against the wall. I am very proud of all our boys, they played thier guts out.
  10. Proud of the boys, Waugh had 190 yards rushing and Lyle has 149 yards rushing, 2 tds and an interception. The O-line blocked excellent and the backs blocked for each other. They showed tremendous heart on Defense. The coaching staff made an excellent adjustment at halftime. Just a great game for GCHS all the way around.
  11. Tough loss for our boys and our coaches, the doubters and haters are starting to come out in force but I am standing beside our team and will continue to do so... I believe in our boys and our coaches, I know they will get there, they have the heart and the desire to do so and they will be there, it will happen... We will have a rough road but nothing worth having comes easy, never has, never will... Keep your heads up GCHS. This one is over, in the books, learn from it and move on to next week. Congrats to Russell.
  12. We at GCHS are excited about the possibilities and potential that Carter himself brings to our team. He is welcomed with open arms and hopefully the KHSAA will give Carter the go ahead to play, he has amazing talent and can only make those around him better athletes. I will bet Lyle and Carter will be good buddies... just saying....
  13. Keep the faith and spread the love Palmer...:thumb:
  14. One of Ashland's top five teams, and I meant it as high praise, Leon Hart is one hell of a coach, I always enjoyed working for him, he'd get in your ear but was respectful, at least with me.. Darn good Ashland team folks, Raceland has nothing to be upset about, they will beat a lot of folks like this, this year, if they keep improving, like I said, one of the top 5 Ashland teams I've seen in 20 years they have put on the field, have the potential to take it all this year..
  15. Been watching the Tomcats for 20 years as an official, one of the top 5 teams they have put on the field in 20 years..
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