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  1. Turnovers is what I mean Big Slick and stupid penalities, we have went three and out very few times without a penality... Just need to play good fundamental football and we will have a good shot against an awesome Mason County team. I always love coming to Mason County.... Great people and great atmosphere...
  2. One with a surgery last week and another with an injury as well
  3. I hope everyone comes out healthy too, but a win is the goal.
  4. I agree with your evaluation of our defense but you seem to have forgotten about our offense when nsync can score every-time we have the ball, the key is we cannot shoot ourselves in the foot, we had 125+ yards in legit stupid penalties, 75 of them in the first half, that cannot happen against a great team like Mason County. I think offensively we match up very well and will put some points on the board but we have to score every time we have the ball and have no turnovers and no stupid penalties.
  5. Thoughts - predictions? If a moderator would please add a poll to this as well. GCHS has to play four quarters the way we are capable and score everytime we have the ball and GCHS wins this game.
  6. http://www.khsaa.org/football/2010/stats.htm This was going into last weeks game and does not include Friday nights #s and Johnson Central has not reported their stats, Jude is probably # 1 rusher in the state currently.
  7. The boy had 451 yards on 22 carries 4 tds. He now has the season scoring record the season rushing record and the game rushing record for GCHS. I am very proud of my son.
  8. I hope it does happen for the kids and community's sake, its a good high school atmosphere for the kids.
  9. I voted for Lyle and itd be awesome if you would to. Here is the link http://www.thesportsflash.com/KY-TACKLINGTOBACCO.htm
  10. First thing, the game was never officially taken off GCHS's schedule, it is still being debated and looks optimistic that it will be on GCHS schedule along with Russell, Ashland and Johnson Central. We shall wait and see but I have heard from a very reliable source that this game will happen.
  11. Ramfan you're starting to make this a personal issue. Your talking about my son when you say these things...
  12. My gut was right on this one. Rowan is very athletic, congrats to Rowan County.
  13. When I found out who GCHS schedules I will let everyone know.. I dislike it personally because of the true high school atmoshere but I know there is a sound reason behind this and once I find that out I will let everyone know. I support Coach Copley in his decision, I was told he was asked by administration to drop the Raceland game, I may not like it but I do support it. Once I find out the reasons and I have the go ahead to post, I will do so.
  14. Close game lawrence is more physical and rowan is more athletic. Going with rowan in a close one.
  15. Not a problem RamFan Coach, calling as I see them and let's hope we get our tail from out between our legs and start playing some football, the way GCHS is capable. LC is a darn good team, maybe, just maybe we can play them again this season... They are big and strong, very physical. I think that the Rowan LC game will be a good one to watch...
  16. Whoever that was doesn't know what they are talking about, GCHS just plain got our butts kicked, GCHS didn't perform well at all in any facet of the game. The coaches did a great job and the refs graded a B+ for the game due to the inadvertent whistle against LC. I for one will tell you the truth of the matter and what I just stated is exactly that, LC is a very good team and the only way GCHS was going to play with them is if GCHS performed excellent, we didn't even perform average and we got our butts kicked, just a plain old fashioned butt kicking, period.
  17. Not for public eyes Ramfan.. GCHS Leave nothing tonight...
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