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  1. Why not Fraley? Two years and done at GCHS, if I was a coach I don't know if I would be wanting to take a job with as much turnover as GCHS has had in the coaching positions. Coach Copley with the footbally program is doing an excellent job, there is too much politics with GCHS and it needs to be fixed the question is does anyone have the kahonas to fix it??? :idunno: But something needs to give, I think Fraley deserves another chance and the parents need to sit on the sidelines and be told to stay there and not interfere with telling a coach how much playing time their kid should have, it's not the parents or the administration's call, its the coaches. Officiating is a tough job but coaching is just as tough if not tougher, two years is not long enough to prove yourself as a coach, especially winning the district his second year there and has the team to be at the show next year, no doubt, but if we keep changing coaches every two years we will never have a solid program.
  2. Is tentatively scheduled for March 26 (weather cooperating)... :thumb::thumb: Football season baby!!!!!
  3. Greenup County Ram, we are waiting..
  4. :thumb::thumb::thumb::thumb::thumb::thumb::thumb::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:
  5. It needs to happen, we have someone in the board office blocking that for us in my humble opinion, going to work on that road block....
  6. The board of education is moving very slowly on the bleachers and the field house, we all need to make phone calls and ask them what the hold up is.... I heard they were going to put bermuda down on that field which I believe is a mistake in this climate and all the money we have spent we could have made a really good down payment on turf and been done with it...
  7. First Class banquet, a lot of passion and potential coming through the program.
  8. Got a good meal being prepared for the 192 folks that have confirmed they are coming to the banquet, pretty good number for our banquet. Catfish and Fried Chicken, Greenbo's two best and most famous menu items...
  9. Congrats to Bell County... I am very proud of this team... Coach Copley was told by everyone from the restuarant staff, hotel staff to the general public that this was the best mannered team they have ever been in contact with, that in itself puts everything in perspective...... I look forward to next season which starts next week for GCHS...
  10. Looking forward to heading to Pineville today staying at a first class facility in Pine Mountain State Resort Park, as is all of our fine Kentucky State Resort Parks, and watching a really good team in Bell County play and hoping our boys play their hearts out and leave nothing on the field on Friday night. Good folks in that country, refd many times in that country and always was treated first class, looking forward to the hospitality on this trip as a fan...
  11. Got an inside connection doc.... :sssh::lol::thumb:
  12. Going down and staying at Pine Mountain State Resort Park in a log Cabin and then going to Log Mountain to watch some football, don't leave anything on that field....
  13. Mason County is a tough team, congratulations on an undefeated season. Turnovers hurt GCHS early and after the third fumble in a row and Mason capitalizing on it with the third score in a row the momentum never came back to Greenup, while our boys did play with heart, just like Purefan said, you can't win giving the ball up 4 times and the other team capitalizing on them with scores. Congrats to Mason and I hope Pawsat heals quickly, good kid and great athlete.
  14. GCHS get fired up and bloody some noses tonight, play with the heart you have and leave nothing on that field, use it all...
  15. GCHS is Mason's home, I know for a fact he has wanted to play at GCHS his entire life and we are glad he is back, the team is glad he is back, I do know this as well. The morale is better now than it has been all season, we had a little blow up last week but look what happened on Friday night, sometimes it takes a few of the leaders to step up and loose it to get the rest of the team focused. These kids have been through one heck of a season and I don't see them laying down for anyone, over summer they enjoyed thier time with the Bell County team at camp, they know this team and they are up to the challenge next week but first thing first and that is to try and knock off a very good Mason County team, well coached, great athletes but if we play with the heart we played with on Friday and during the Rowan County game's first 3 quarters, we can beat anybody. We will have everybody ready for Friday night, Doc does a great job with our kids and Amy is a great trainer, we are very fortunate to have them both in our corner. Coaches are fired up for this one and so are the kids, the school is doing all the little things to make this a special night for our seniors, we can win this game if we play with heart and our defense plays well and doesn't give up the deep pass that Mason is so good at doing.... Good luck GCHS, play with heart like you did last week and we will win... :thumb:
  16. Going with Heart on this one, play with heart, GCHS wins.... Defense is the key....
  17. Boys played with heart tonight, need to keep playing with heart and emotion.
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