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  1. I've seen both teams play up close and personal, it will be a WAR and it will be a tight game, both teams are tough, Greenup may surprise folks this year.
  2. Greenup wins a battle by one point, the extra point comes up BIG
  3. They are going to be better than everyone thinks, give them two years and they could be at Rupp. They have a few football players that are sophomores that are going to come out and play this year and when that sophomore class are seniors, watch out.
  4. Greenup county does have a strong sophomore class, they only got beat by Ashland last year as Freshmen and should have won that game, threw an interception at the goal line which was ran all the way back for a TD.. Lyle, Kitchen, Grayson and back up QB Riester are all very talented and Kitchen (Lineman) (pushing 1600 club) is the strongest on the team with Lyle (Backfield and Linebacker) at #3 on the strength chart. Craft has a ton of targets this year...
  5. They (Greenup County) have a lot of talent and more depth this year, some good, talented, strong sophomores that will make a direct impact to the team this year. The first part of the season, if they don't get banged up, will make them stronger, which is what you need to win it all...
  6. Watch Greenup County as a sleeper, they have a lot of talent and depth.
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