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  1. What happened to Harlan County faithful on this site?
  2. I'll explain it the best I can. It changed the game!
  3. Should be a quick game a lot of running so the clock will not stop too much. I like the Black Bears 34-28.
  4. Try 251 Ball Park Rd Harlan KY 40831. From NKY it's pretty simple I-75 south to exit 29 Corbin/Barbourville turn L off the exit onto US 25E stay straight to 25+ miles to Pineville turn L onto US 119 travel 28 miles turn R onto US 421 travel 5 miles to traffic light #12 turn R can't miss it.
  5. The Black Bears defense is playing with a lot of energy and confidence. I don't know anything about HHS other than what I have read on here and heard from the past so I know it will not be easy! Black Bears. 22 Highlands. 21
  6. Black Bears and their Filthy Animal Defense will contain pcc's potent offense. Black Bears. 20 Pcc. 12 Go Bears!!!
  7. Perry Central and Hazard are not allowed to play! Their games got out of control and the powers that be decided it would be best if they didn't play. And they have to play district games which consist of north laurel and Whitley, that's somewhat of a problem Harlan County's closest district game is either Letcher Central or Perry Central.
  8. Looks like we lost #34 one of our starting tailbacks! He tore an ACL in the 8th grade and said this fills familiar. It was his other knee in 8th grade. I don't think he's been to the doctor yet though so there might be hope!!!
  9. Worked out some kinks, still working! May have lost a running to a knee injury!!! Hope for the best with this young man! Go Bears!!!
  10. I think the score was 15-13 Knox from what I hear neither coach wanted to show too much. They both play Bell and Clay and Pulaski was there so not much went on. Knox has an impressive pass combination. Black Bears O-line looked suspect, it was a scrimmage but you don't like to see the line struggle! Also hear that Tucker will have an MRI On Monday he can move his knee and there is no swelling Doc says could be a sprain/strain or a small tear. No swelling and he has movement only has pain when he straightens it all the way out. Let's all keep our fingers and toes crossed.
  11. Tucker Lewis from Harlan County, just remember you heard it here!
  12. Got the grill cleaned up! Excited for some tailgating and Black Bears Football!!!
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