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  1. GCHS in a tough close game, we have something to prove and after watching film of last weeks game, it's personal too... GCHS is not happy and they are ready to play very physical with a good Lawrence County team.
  2. Tough heartbreaking loss, what you have to do men is take what you feel from this, keep it inside, turn it into positive energy and take it out on Lawrence County next week, the boy 32 carries 272 yards and 2 tds, very proud of his heart, love you son.. http://dailyindependent.com/localsports/x1864896645/BOOT-SCOOTIN
  3. I stand corrected CA, I always enjoy your post, even if they are a little against the muskies, lol..
  4. You are right and it is a big statement, of which I will stand by and say again, if we play the way we are capable we will win out, that is the key, our district is going to be a tough one, starting with tonight but if we play as we are capable, we will win out, first we have to play very well tonight, win and then we go to the next game and worry about the great team at Lawrence County when we get to them, because they are a very good team, no doubt.
  5. CA you just don't ever want GCHS to win, I don't think I have ever noticed where you picked the Muskies... lol
  6. I like GCHS but if GCHS misses blocking assignments like we did this last week (both backs and O-line) and we don't do better at stopping the run (because Cross is a much better back than what we faced at Coal Grove) then this one will be a tough one for us. The defense needs to play like it did in the second half the entire game and smash somebody's mouth from the first play of the game, that's what wins ball games. If GCHS plays like we are capable of playing we will win out the regular season, this I have no doubt, but we have to win every battle, every night to win the war from this point out.
  7. Very tough loss, Coal Grove has some good backs and they are a good team, we made some mistakes from the coaches on down to the blocking assignments (both backs and O-line), defense stepped it up in the 2nd half, played very well, we need to learn from this one, put it behind us and use it as a positive, keep your heads up and get ready for Rowan County because they will be ready for us, I can guarantee that... Learn from it and move on GCHS...
  8. You are correct Watsui in everything you have stated, it is a true shame that we have to have sour grapes about the score and running up the score when all our kids were trying to do was seal the deal. I have been in this game a very long time and have seen many coaches through the years as a player all the way through the college ranks and as an official in the college ranks and I would rate the class and integrity of Coach Copley right up there with the top I have had the priviledge of being involved with in my years in the sports arena. Our coaches demand class, respect and discipline out of not only the players but everyone involved in the program. I also know that if there were any players or administration that did not act as we want them to act that Principal Dunaway will take care of that issue immediately. I for one am very proud of our O-Line's effort and the way our boys stepped it up in the second half to get this victory and am very proud of the class our program continues to display both on the field and off.
  9. That is exactly how it happened and we most certainly would never do anything in disrespect to the Baldridge family because GCHS feels your pain, we have an angel watching over us as well. Our upmost apologies go out the Baldridge family.
  10. Too much class for this to happen in Copley's program... This game will be a tight one any way due to it being such a friendly rivalary and both teams not wanting to go down without giving everything they got...
  11. I haven't heard one word of this, I for one hope there is absolutely no truth to this rumor, this game is what high school football is all about... Intense, electric and FUN....
  12. Nice post again PureFan, this will be a huge game for both programs with a big crowd to watch an awesome ball game this Friday night, it will be high intensity football atmosphere at it's best. GCHS, you play hard to your full potential every night and leave nothing on that field, you win.
  13. The O-line dominated??? Our backs got some good yardage for them being dominated, in my opinion the O-Line did one heck of a job last night, they'll be jacked up for this week I am sure..
  14. Focus... Nice win, played hard the second half, get focused for next week...
  15. Great Post Pure Fan, play every play likes it's your last men, leave nothing on that field every play...
  16. Very proud of the boys, now get ready for Notre Dame....
  17. Doc, going to do our talking on the field...:thumb:
  18. From all the reports I am getting, you will see a very well disciplined team on the field this year sidelinedoc...
  19. Greenup County held their own in the 7 on 7 vs. Ballard Saturday night, Austin Stringfellow and Mike Hampton have great hands and made some awesome catches with String getting an awesome 40 catch beating the Ballard defender to the ball and running another 20 to the end zone. Mason Rister will be a force to be reckoned with as a solid QB when we throw the ball and running the offense. The defense looks pretty solid, Ballard was quicker and taller than we were vs our DB's, but our linebacker's look solid running down hill quickly to the short pass. I really can't wait for the full pads to come on and see GCHS's running game and the complete offensive package and can't wait to see the D starting cracking those pads, Defense wins championships...
  20. We shall see when that ball is thrown up, Hampton is in the weight room hitting it hard, getting stronger, quicker and bigger, Williams is going to be ready after this summer, he is chomping at the bit, plus I heard they might have a point guard coming in this summer and a couple of football players that didn't play last year that are very athletic are coming out too, a lot of size, quickness and can shoot the lights out from the three point arch, if I was Nickel I would be very excited about GCHS, the potential is there, I see a lot of basketball, they have the potential to be at Rupp next year no doubt.
  21. Dunaway made the right decision giving all the issues that were facing him that no one knows about, Adkins was still in the game and he had a lot of folks working to get him here but certain ppl were dragging their feet in CO, June is right around the corner, he needed to get a coach on board and Adkins still might not have came to GCHS. I think he made a good decision giving someone from within a chance to make it at the next level. If we give Nickel the support and guidance that he should get GCHS will be just fine and I would venture to say that GCHS will be at Rupp this coming season. I support his decision especially knowing what he was up against.
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