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Holmes vs. Dixie Predictions

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A little surprised everyone has taken Holmes so far…I think it should be a really good game. Holmes is the only 9th region team to beat the Colonels in the past two years so I expect Dixie to come out fired up for this one.


Will be interesting to see if Knox plays or not. He is key for a Holmes win, IMO. I'm going to say he doesn't play and go with the following match ups:


6'2 Fox v 6'0 Palmer

Fox is bigger and stronger than Palmer and can create a match up problem if Dixie uses his size to their advantage but speed, athleticism, and quickness goes to Palmer. The fact that Palmer won't have to defend Fox one on one because of their match up 2-3 zone will really help Palmer and keep him from getting beat off the dribble. Fox isn't a very good outside shooter so I think he won't be as big of a factor as some might think. Palmer on the other hand must be aggressive and attack. Fox has shown he's foul prone and getting him out of the game early could be big for the Dogs.

Advantage: Even


6'1 Hassel v 6'1 Coston

Both are very good outside shooters and this could be where the game is won for both teams. As I stated in another thread, Hatton is going to get his. It's holding Hassel in check and not allowing him to beat you from outside that wins games against Dixie. One on one, Coston is the better player, IMO. Holmes will need BJ to have a good game from outside and be aggressive at both ends when defending Hassel. I think he can take Hassel off the dribble and use his strength and athleticism so he can't rely on the 3 ball the entire game.

Advantage: Holmes


6'2 Hatton v 6'1 Martin

This is a match up that can either be really good for Holmes or really bad. Martin is relentless on defense and will be aggressive with BH. The key for Holmes isn't to shut Hatton down but rather force him in to a lot of shots and shoot a low percentage to get his points. Hatton will get his regardless but Holmes has to make him earn every single point. At the other end, common theme, Martin must be aggressive and go right at Hatton. I don't think Hatton is quick enough to defend Martin when he drives, but we'll see.

Advantage: Dixie


6'3 Englemon v 6'0 Evans

Really excited to see this match up. Englemon will have a size advantage but Evans athleticism will make up for the difference. I think Englemon can be a match up problem down low for Evans but he can't commit silly fouls at the other end and get himself in foul trouble. If Knox plays, total mismatch against Evans, Niehaus, and Milligan. If Englemon gets in foul trouble, they could be in trouble if Knox doesn't play.

Advantage: Holmes


6'5 Rice v 6'5 Stansberry

Some will say this is the best match up on the floor, but I actually think Rice will have his way with Stansberry. Rice has been very aggressive lately and when he plays like that, there isn’t a player in this region that can defend him. Stansberry will score but I don’t see him getting much inside. The majority of his points will either come in transition or off of jumpers. If Holmes is going to win, Rice MUST have a double double. If he crashes the boards and attacks, the Dixie faithful will be hearing his name a lot.




Notice a common theme with the Holmes players…attack. If the Dogs attack the basket and don’t get caught up trying to out-shoot the Colonels, they leave Edgewood with a W. I think Dixie will have trouble handling Holmes press as well….if they don’t get the ball in Hatton’s hands a lot.


My head is saying Dixie wins a close one, but for now I’m going to go with the “homer” pick.


Holmes: 67

Dixie: 63

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Holmes is playing really well right now (Cooper exception). They have been more consistent lately and seem to be peaking at the right time. Dixie has played the toughest schedule in the region and gotten better because of that. To me Rice and Hatton will get their points. It comes down to the rest. Pretty even IMO. Dixie will win by 2-3 because of home court. Could be a lot of points in the 70's.

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Does anyone know what the guard from Ohio who was going to transfer to Dixie is doing ?



Zach McCormick ...14......18.9.......4.6.......2.0.....1.8...1.1.....2.6....47.7.....71.1....33.3


Having a very good season at Turpin and a D1 prospect. Turpin is 12-2 with both their losses to Walnut Hills.

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