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  1. As far as the whole respect thing goes, I rarely see Lexington/Louisville teams visit 9th region teams for a true road game. I see 9th region travel all over the state for teams and tournaments. I think the 9th is the only region where the whole region roots for its winner because they feel the rest of the state slights us.
  2. Bolden is only a sophmore, still has 2 years of growing left to do. Put him in the weight room and this kid will be lights out as a senior.
  3. That.post was for cowboy clyde, not you. Anyway, GO DAWGS!!!
  4. If he used 1 arm id agree but he wrapped both arms around him. Can't say he was going for the ball using two arms.
  5. The grab on Bolden in the first half. Was wrapped around his whole body
  6. Glad to see Holmes didn't fold when Bolden fouled out. Palmer stepped up big tonight.
  7. Holmes ran the gauntlet. Beat everything that got thrown at them. 3 teams, 3 different styles of.play. I think this prepares them for Rupp. Just hope the big stage doesn't shock them. Saw on twitter someone mention Englemon as one of the best rebounders in the state.
  8. Great game. Congrats to the Dawgs. Represent the H proudly at Rupp.
  9. Was awesome seeing listerman fired up. I bet CovCath misses him.
  10. Awesome game, awesome environment. Someone besides.bolden needs to step up for Holmes.
  11. Stay away from the refs people. Come on, there were calls both ways that were questionable. The biggest star in the tournament made the biggest shot of his career so far when it mattered. Coaching was great both ways. Great defense by both teams. I was rooting for the winner of this game regardless of the winner. If Holmes couldn't have gone, I was hoping a Holmes grad could have. This was the second time all year I rooted against Cooper. Tim Sullivan is nothing but class. I was hoping we would have been the coach at Holmes when Henley left but glad he got a great job and is starting to succeed. Wish him nothing but the best.
  12. Have the defenders come out further. Simple answer. Otherwise no reason to conplain.
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