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Well things are finally moving, so I figured we might as well get a thread going as things start to unfold.


Nebraska is set to announce they are headed to the Big 11 as early as today.


Colorado is also announcing they are leaving for the PAC 10 as early as today.


Texas, Texas A&M and Baylor are meeting today to discuss their future and that should get things moving fast for the Texas schools.

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My biggest concern is what the Big Ten's new conference name will be. Surely they can't keep the "Big Ten", can they?

All about branding. At some point, you would think the Big 10 and Pac 10 would come up with something better. What about the Big 12? It will be funny when the Big 10 has 12 teams and the Big 12 has 10 teams.

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If I'm the SEC I go after Virginia Tech, Miami, FSU, South Florida.


Could care less about Clemson, but if we must I'd take them.


Why USF? A lower level school in a state the SEC already is already strong in (especially if the pick up Miami and/or FSU).


I'm not sure if VT would go for the SEC academics.


What about NC State? Could they be lured to get out from under UNC/Duke/Wake and have a shot to be strong in basketball? It would get the SEC into the NC market even if NC State doesn't bring much to the table football wise.

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