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Simon Kenton 55 Highlands 52

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Wow, not what I expected. I am ready to throw up with crow at this point after predicting HC would beat Beechwood and Highlands would take care of SK handedly.


Any details on this one?


The fact of the matter is that even the better teams have an off game once in awhile and can be upset. It's a long season. I think that almost every team in Kentucky has been or will be upset at some time in the season. Even Holmes will soon start having some tougher games. I don't think that a team with a near .500 record like SK or St. Henry defeating a team like Boone or Highlands with 2 or 3 losses is anywhere near as shocking as a team well below .500 defeating one of the upper teams. It's not like it's out of the realm of possibility for teams like Beechwood to beat Holy Cross. Now, Calvary or Heritage beating one of the better teams would be a real shocker. Even North Carolina gets upset once in awhile but usually by a Chaminade :-)

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Heard he we sick, don't know if there is any truth to that or not.


As for the game, it was a win for SK, that's really all that can be said.


There were a lot and I mean a whole lot of kids at Highlands out sick yesterday, including my son, so there probably is some truth to Greg being out sick. We live close to Highlands and normally all the spots near my house are taken by kids parking. According to Henry, none of the spots were taken, which means there were a lot of kids out yesterday.

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