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  1. Speedy recovery to Ms. Cheeseman. No doubt she will be back quicker and stronger than before.
  2. oH GEEEEZZZ someone get my meds ready.....its going to be a long season and it is not even dead period yet...oh but it was open enrollment this past Thursday night....:jump:
  3. Here's my take on this whole ordeal - Coaches will do a good job, players will do a great job if they listen to their coaches and parents need to take a sedative before every game and let the coach, coach and the players play!......just saying.
  4. Great game ladies on both sides. Good luck in regionals!
  5. I agree he played well and am sure it was a difficult decision. McNeil had 21 in the game against Grant co. and played well again tonight. This was definitely a team effort but the real MVP is Coach Trame!
  6. Could not agree more...with that being said I think SK comes out ahead in a hard fought game.
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