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  1. I have seen her play before. She’s an old school point guard. Congrats to her.
  2. You could make a strong case that Spencer is currently the #1 team in the region with Niece being out.
  3. How would Anderson be the favorite? Spencer brings everyone back and adds Conley.
  4. Anderson was hit hard by graduation. It will be interesting to see how they respond.
  5. I think the 8th will be very competitive with the following being my top 5: 1) Simon Kenton. They are loaded and a top 10-15 team. 2) Trimble. Lots of talent coming back, and will be a match-up nightmare. 3) Walton Verona. They bring most everyone back, with who might be the pre-season POY. 4) Shelby. Martin is the toughest player to match-up with in the region. The supporting cast is very underrated. 5) Collins. You certainly could make a case for Williamstown, but Collins returns everyone from a team that nearly won 20 games.
  6. No disrespect, but Anderson is awful small and inexperienced to be rated that high.
  7. 6th: Butler, Bullitt East, and Mercy are all top 10 worthy. It will be a battle to come out of there. 8th: Shelby Co. and Walton are the front runners, with Shelby probably getting the nod due to their overwhelming size. But, watch out for Simon. 10th: GRC is loaded and will be a top 5 team this year.
  8. Bosse was a nice player, but I think they are bringing everyone else back. They have the talent to beat anyone in KY.
  9. Debating who is/was number 2 is like debating who's the skinniest kid at fat camp. Does it really matter? Marion was far and away the best team in the state. ND played in the championship game and deserves tons of credit for their run. However, if they (or anyone else for that matter) drew Marion in the first round, the season would have ended there. Point is, any team in front of Marion was losing, regardless of the spot in the bracket.
  10. Marion is really, really good. They are top 5 in the nation for a reason.
  11. It was one of the best high school games you will see. Both teams gave everything they had.
  12. Great job by Grant. Congrats to all the girls and coaches.
  13. The All A is a great tournament for smaller schools that are playing with kids who have come through their system. For those that go out and bring in what they need, it's a joke.
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