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  1. Didn't St Henry already scrimmage? How did they do?
  2. I'm not a SW fan at all. But I've seen his teams play in the past. His PIke Central team was well coached. SW did win a bunch of games last year and lost to a very good Mercer team in Region. If you are a Mercer fan then you know their team is talented beyond their years. If I had to take SW players or Mercer - it wouldn't be close. I'd rather have Mercer, so the fact that SW lost to them doesn't reflect poorly on the coach. I wouldn't confuse his personality with his ability to coach a team.
  3. Parents not like you does not mean that you can't coach. At Pike Central, they were mediocre before he got there, he took them to final 4. They were mediocre after he left..... He inherited a situation at SW where the parents are hard to please. Lots of chiefs not enough Indians so to speak. Does he have a pleasant personality? Haha. But to say he can't coach is a reach.
  4. The thing those four teams have in common is they are all very we'll coached.
  5. It's my lack of knowledge about that area. Both have good teams.
  6. I can't see how losing Graham won't hurt GRC. As for Mason, they have been an underperformer for some time. Typically high hopes that don't pan out. Their younger group has been winners all the way through, I think they break through this season. In any event, I really don't see a run a way in the region regardless who wins.
  7. Losing Graham will hurt badly. Mason has a great group of rising Soph who I think will push them over the top. In the end if GRC wins the region, it won't be a runaway.
  8. Not in today's America... Minorities (not of the racial kind, necessarily), do tend to rule. They raise so much fuss and make such loud noise that the majority becomes afraid of being labeled in some negative way. If you have an opinion that offends anyone, then you are chastised.
  9. Here's my stab at it 1) Marshall County 2) University Heights. 3) Owensboro Catholic 4) Glasgow 5) E-Town 6) Butler 7) Sacred Hart 8) Simon Kenton 9) Newport Cath 10) Mason County 11) Lafayette 12) Mercer Co 13) Clay 14) Leslie. 15) Shelby Valley 16) East Carter Lots of competitive Regions this year.....
  10. not sure how GRC could be added and Whitley not in it.... Whitley beat GRC by 15 or so. And beat Eastern by 20 or so. Whitley was in it last week, and didn't play, but fell out..... go figure.
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