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Georgia vs. Michigan (CFP Semifinal) Predictions/Updates

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Georgia vs. Michigan   

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This one will be won in the trenches.  I like the creativity and chances that UM has been showing on offense.  These games usually showcase the coaches and how well prepared their teams are with 3 weeks of prep time.  I'm going to guess UM 20 GA 16

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Michigan's defense seems to be geared to go against teams like Ohio State and Alabama, two teams with dynamic passing attacks. UGA definitely isn't a dynamic passing team, but they aren't slouches either. UGA will try to pound the ball on the ground and throw when they must. Michigan's run defense may be the key to their success. 

UGA's defense is a smothering attacking defense, but until Alabama no one has made them pay for that aggressiveness. I look at that game more of an outlier than the status quo for their defense. Michigan like UGA wants to be physical and run the ball then pass when they have to.

While I won't be shocked to see either team put up some yards throwing the ball, I'll be watching their ability to run the ball...that in my opinion will determine this game.

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I've read a lot of confident post from UM fans, basically saying that the Alabama game exposed UGA as a fraud propped up by a weak schedule. Most feel like Michigan will win this game easily and that Michigan needs to put the hammer down early so that key players can be pulled late to ensure they are healthy for the title game.

Conversely, UGA fans have been uncharacteristically quiet since the SEC title game. I can't tell if it is a quiet confidence or pure fear that has over taken them.

Georgia's defense is great when they can run downhill and attack up front. If Michigan can break some delayed runs, screens and quick short passes early it will put UGA on their heals a little and slow them down. If Michigan struggles on first down consistency it could be a long day for them.

All the talk about UGA's defense and Michigan's offense overlooks what I feel is the game determining battle in this game. UGA offense versus UM defense, I think will be the deciding factor. If UGA can run and set up play action and a few shot plays UGA can take a lot of pressure off of their D. Michigan will want to completely stuff the run and force Bennett to throw the ball 25+ times. If Bennett throws the ball 30 times it will not bode well for UGA. The only caveat is if UGA comes out wanting to establish a passing game early and are passing as part of the game plan and not because UM is forcing them to.

For whatever reason I don't think this game will be within 10 points. I think UGA wins but I absolutely will not be shocked by a Michigan 30 to 17 win either.

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