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Covington Catholic 84 Holy Cross Covington 62 (35th District Finals)

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The Holy Cross Indians gave the Colonels of Covington Catholics a nice battle for a little over 3 quarters in the 35th District Championship game before the wheels started falling off. 

The Indians were the first to score, and managed to keep the lead, or tied until it was knotted at 22 where the Colonels gained the lead, and held it the rest of the way. 

At the end of 3 the Indians got back within 6, and the closest they were in the 4th before the Colonels started really running away with it was down 6, when the score was 69-63


At the end of 1 it was all tied at 17

At the Half the Colonels were up 38-29

After 3 the Colonels were up 57-51

Final: Covington Catholic 84 Holy Cross 62


Evan Ipsaro for the Colonels led all scorers with 29

Mitchell Rylee had 18

Donavon Stocks had 17

Chandler Starks has 10 


For the Indians it was Jacob Meyer with 24

Blake Robinson and Brandon McClendon both with 15

And Jeramiah Hicks had 11


Congratulations to the Colonels, and good luck to both teams as they both advance to the 9th Region Tournament that begins Monday March 22.


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I’m approximating, but the Colonels played something like 6 teams from the final BGP top 10 and 10 or 11 of the top 20.  You’ve got to play 32 minutes against these dudes.  I don’t know about SOS rankings, but the Colonels are battle tested. 

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I am impressed with Holy Cross, they have a lot of talent.  There are times though when things do not go their way and they seem to quit for a little bit and get really frustrated.  I know of at least two instances last night when this occurred and CCH went on some nice runs before HC was able to regroup.  I know the kids are in high school, but they act like that next week, it could be the difference in the game.  

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9 hours ago, Bluesport said:

Ipsaro was the best player on the court tonight.

Ipsaro had complete control of the game, with both his scoring and distributing the ball. He and Meyer will be a lot of fun to watch the next two years.

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4. No recruiting comments or allegations of KHSAA rules violations by any school, coach, player or booster are allowed. No comments about where any player lives, has lived, or where they are from in a recruiting context. This is not the place to report KHSAA violations. Feel free to contact Kentucky High School Athletic Association | KHSAA – Student-athletes of Today, Leaders of Tomorrow to report such violations, but do not discuss violations here.

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12 hours ago, Jack of all Trades said:

I was not talking about CovCath, but rather the “senior” laden teams.  Could Sam Vinson and Wyatt Veith not return for another year?  

Come on, man. Everyone knows you were talking about CCH and not players potentially coming back for a 5th year. That is a copout. 

I find it ironic as an HHS fan that other HHS fans look at what CCH is doing right now and think it is wrong. All they are doing is creating programs that make it so attractive for families that they move in to a district or pay tuition so that they can be a part of that program. It is exactly what HHS did under Dale. People want to be a part of the best and are willing to move or pay for that. Especially when a top tier education is icing on the cake. See what I did there? 

It doesn't matter if someone moves into/pays into a program or has been a generation name, the best should play period. If they don't like it, either get better or move on. 

Also, if you don't think this same thing is happening at Highlands right now, you're crazy. Parents want their kids to play for great coaches and HHS has one. Families are going to move into district or pay tuition to play for him; you can't be defensive when that happens. 

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