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  1. There is no point at the moment .. I guess the point is parents of Diocese basketball players now have more factors to consider when making high school enrollment decisions. I would think this new decision factor benefits St Henry more then any other NKY school long term.
  2. Rephrase: a lot of Diocese of Covington elementary school points in that boxscore!
  3. I would think an empty arena would cripple the KHSAA financially and they will do anything possible to keep fans coming to RUPP. However by next week, with the number of other cancellations the KHSAA may not have a choice but to fall in line.
  4. Seems he's on a short leash and lacking confidence. You can see his head drop every time he makes a mistake and then he looks to the bench and see's he is being subbed out. I guess now is not the time to play through continued mistakes, but the young man needs to keep his head up as the talent is there. His take to the rim in the 4th quarter was nice, but then he made a bad pass to a 7' against a trapping defense 35' from the basket that resulted in a TO. Head dropped and he came out of the game.
  5. Beechwood returns a solid nucleus of individuals next year. Can the staff get them to play together as a team?
  6. Teams simply cannot score against CCH. If you can’t hold them below 45 you can’t expect to win ! Despite all the top offensive talent the defense is their true identity under Ruthsatz’!
  7. Which team did Jaxson Hayes play on as freshman at Moeller?
  8. Not to derail the game thread, but it's post like that (all the empty space) which creates some of the local distaste for CCH. We get it CCH is better then everyone, as they should be considering they've become a destination school for basketball players. It is what it is, winning breeds that. As long as Ruthsatz is there, they are going to be 1 or 1A in the region. At this point, that may continue when Ruthsatz hangs it up. Lets face it, there had been 2 NKY state champs in the history of KHSAA and CCH has 2 in the last 5 years. The one downfall could be St Henry or NCC grabbing a lot of CCH feeder school talent in the future. A lot of good players not seeing action at CCH. I typically don't see much first half JV action, so I could be wrong on this. I did recently notice 13 players on the varsity roster. The game I was at 8 saw the floor. 4 of those other 5 were non-seniors on the varsity bench and I did not see playing JV. They could've played the first half, I don't know. If that continues, I can see homegrown NKY feeder talent starting at STH or NCC, instead of playing freshman at CCH and transferring their junior or senior year when the playing time isn't there. I believe Cooper and Conner have recently benefited from those exiting CCH. I do not know if those transfers were feeder school kids, or other top NKY kids who went to CCH originally to play basketball.
  9. very impressed with Ludlow tonight .. could make some noise and looking at the schedule don’t see them losing many games ... weak schedule could hamper their improvement though
  10. Impressive showing out of the young Tigers.
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