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  1. Me and my son noticed that the attendance for the night session wasn’t very good, they could have played in a gym the size of Mason County n still had plenty of seats. Attendance has been down for a long while now and has me wondering if they may not hold it at Rupp Arena much longer! Moving the championship game to Sunday has pretty much killed it, but that’s my opinion!
  2. I watched Webb play last night and they are not bad just ran into a very good Virgina team. Webb couldn’t rebound with the Virginia team. They don’t have much height n shoot the three pretty good and play good defense. Clark shouldn’t have to hard of a time with them if they rebound the ball. Clark shouldn’t have lost last night but they didn’t use their size advantage n was wanting to settle for the three ball. Just my opinion!
  3. Cooper win this one, they got the best defense I’ve seen this year. They all get after you from the inbounds pass. I’ll take Cooper by 10 because UHA will foul and put them on the line and they are also a good FT shooting team.
  4. I’ll take Newport by 5. I seen both play last night n Newport has very good guard play and Harding is a beast. Simon Kenton is very good if they continue to shoot the three ball consistently. This will be a great game and I’m looking forward to seeing it.
  5. Very good Mr Parker everything you said is 100 percent correct. Bourbon had a game plan and executed it to perfection and they came away with the win over my wildcats. I don’t know how Bourbon has lost any games because they looked like they are coached very well. Congrats to their team on the win.
  6. I was wondering if the Harmon kid eligible to play this year or not. Last I heard he was ineligible. Before I make the trip to see the Marshall hoop fest.
  7. Congrats to Robertson County! They have a great young team and this probably won’t be there last 10th region all A title.
  8. I’ll take the wildcats by 6 if they show up and play up to their potential. If not it will be a long night for my wildcats. Good luck to my cats.
  9. Robertson County has a nice young team, give them a couple years and I think they will be a really good team. Pendleton was just to good tonight.
  10. The wildcats are playing as a team! They are going to be in the hunt for that regional championship if they keep playing like they are and keep improving. The referees were questionable and that went both ways though. Donte must of had a triple double, he played one of the best games I’ve seen him play. He played aggressively and the team is feeding off of his leadership. Great team win tonight.
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