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  1. I believe they have 4 years or 8 semesters to complete the 16 hours required for NCAA eligibility listed above. Most schools require somewhere around 22-24 credits to graduate high school and have other required classes than what the NCAA requires, i.e. physical education/fine arts. So in theory, they could satisfy the NCAA by year four and still complete remaining courses in year five to stay NCAA eligible and graduate. If school districts make them repeat classes they have already taken, it might be hard to meet the D1 NCAA eligibility requirements by year 4.
  2. I don’t believe that all credits for graduation have to be achieved within the first four years. I believe it is 16 credit hours in specific courses within the first 4 years and 10 of those credit hours have to be achieved prior to the start of the 7th semester. I believe it is different for D2 and D3 eligibility. I think this is how prep school kids can still be eligible. I could be wrong though.
  3. Just don't understand how a mandate could/would effect private gyms outside of the direct oversight of the KHSAA but exclude collegiate gyms. Maybe there is an exception for them because they can test. Also interested how this will effect fan attendance at the games that are allowing them, i.e. UK. Mr. Frakes stated that KHSAA would have guidance soon in regards to practice.
  4. I know not technically HS basketball but do the state mandates of no practices in gyms have an effect on college basketball in the state of KY?
  5. If this doesn't change again in the coming days/weeks, does this push the state finals to the week of 12/19?
  6. I believe freshman QB Logan Verax threw for 3 TD's for Ryle. He is going to be a special one.
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