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Coach Mcfarland Out at Ryle?

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Is true, have already heard some names for this job including couple coaches from a near by region who have already been eliminated from the post season.


That is interesting considering something that I heard as well.

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Still unofficial at this point, but hearing the same from multiple sources. The phrase that is being repeated is "stepped down".


Apparently the discussion was had and the decision was made weeks ago. Kind of a sad ending, That team was depleted by the end of the season. The discussion last night indicated that another player left the team last week, Rabe was sitting out to make a transfer easier, Tyke Kaiser had some issues at school and didnt play, one of the former Ryle kids was in a shirt and tie with Holy Cross last night. Seemed like a nice enough guy, but seems as if he just never connected with the kids.

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This isn't a job for someone who doesn't have head coaching experience already. This program is in turmoil from the top down. It will need someone who has experience rebuilding a program. Has to get middle school and elementary feeders involved. Lots of work to be done! Good luck to the next Coach!!! And he best bring quality people along for the ride!

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Unfortunately part of your job as a coach is dealing with parents. At Ryle the next coach will need to come in expecting a tough situation with parents who all think their kid is the next superstar.

In the last 10 years many former Raider coaches fell victim to complaining parents. Gone are the days of players working into roles and working harder for playing time. Now simply parents complain and expect more time to be given. If not these kids quit and their parents then complain to the administration. Not understating how hard it is to gel teenagers to make effective lineups. (And yes their are still kids who know how to work hard but they aren’t the problem).


Many aspects are involved in being a head coach. However it comes down to Wins Vs. Losses.


A Head Coach’s record says a lot and McFarlands is not good.

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