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  1. Really pretty simple. Not rocket science heck I don’t even think you have to have a high school diploma.
  2. Just like at the half Beechwood was trying to foul mugged Hampton but no foul call but then called a charge. It was a joke all night.
  3. Should be a great semi finals game. IMO if Spencer shuts down Draud like he did in the first meeting Cooper should win. But if Beechwood gets Draud going early and he gets the rest of his team involved it could be a long night for the Jags. I think Jags win 63-51
  4. I’m a Sully and Cooper fan I sure hope you are correct.
  5. Really hard to explain. Just not playing with the same legs or enthusiasm. Look tired not focused. Heck I don’t no just different.
  6. Hopefully Cooper can get back to level they were playing at earlier in the season.
  7. That’s how they beat Cooper in Park Hills they got away with it!
  8. I’m sorry but Cooper does not look like they did early on.
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