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Lexington teams vs. Louisville teams


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We will get to see this week but I do not think they have the power they usually do. I do think the 4 A pole was very good I tried to refute some of them and most of them are too solid to have an arguement on weather they belong. I do have a beef with how high Henderson Co. is rated. I will address it in another post. I do not think they are another PRP but they are not number four. I think Trinitys district may be the best in the state and any of those teams I feel is better than Henderson.So for this post if you look at the pure numbers of the thing the Louisville teams are much stronger. I think if Eastern or Ballard were in the west they may run the table to the regional championship. The west region is very very weak.

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I think a good way to tell would be to see which teams in 4A have won the State title. Let's see.... since 4A started 27 years ago in 1975 Louisville Teams have won 21 titles, Lexington Teams 1 title 1981 Henry Clay beat Louisville Desales.

Now of course you will say that is not fair because so many of those wins were to catholic schools and you don't want to count catholic schools, well Louisville Public Schools have won 4 of those 21 titles 3 to Male 1 to Butler. So that is still 4 to 1 Louisville Public Schools to Lexington public Schools.


Times that a Lexington schools have been in the big game since 1975-9

Times the Louisville schools have been in the big game since 1975-29

Times A Louisville Public School has been in the big game since 1975-8


Times Louisville schools have matched up against Louisville schools in the Finals-4

Trinity Manual 88, St.X Trinity 97, Male Trinity 00, Trinity Male 01


Times Lexington schools have met in the finals- Never


Lexington has never really consistantly dominated or even consistantly competed with the better Louisville teams in 4A why should they be ranked above the Louisville teams that have. If you want a high ranking play and beat some good Louisville teams in your regular season schedule.

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You are right they are in the same region so maybe that is unfair example to point out that only Louisville schools have won both regions in the same year, and for that mattter the past two years. But it does still show a level of dominance by the Louisville schools that the East end schools won the East region and the West end schools won the West region. The last two State 4A titile games were not against two state power as much as they were two Louisville city powers that had already beaten the rest of the state. That is why Louisville is ranked higher than Lexington in the 4A rankings. As far as Lexington Catholic they are 3A not 4A, but Male did beat Lex Cath this year.


The Louisville and Lexington schools are not even, again read my previous post on number of state titles. Even if you do take Trinity and St. X out (which you can't do since they are LOUISVILLE SCHOOLS and a part of the landscape here in Louisville during our regular seasons as well as the playoffs). Louisville Public Schools lead 4-1 in titles over Lexington schools. Lexington leads 9 to 8 in trips to the final game which seems pretty even until you realize that had St.X or Trinity not been in the State Championship there would probably have been a Louisville Public school or possible another Lexington School in their place so that number is really not a realible number in the "Take out Trinity & St.X" senerio.


But the whole "take out Trinity and St.X" senerio is moot anyway because then Male would be the predominate team and then you would not want to count them because they wear purple, and then all of Lexington would be tied with Butler for state titles and then after you have magically erased the three best teams in Louisville( teams the rest of the Louisville teams compete with year in and year out), then yes Lexington and Louisville start to look pretty even, except that no one really knows because a Lexington School has not played Manual, or this years Eastern or Ballard teams yet this year.

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Originally posted by theguru

I agree with you LexDog, I don't think Trinity, Xavier, or Male could match up with the good teams in Lexington.


I don't know you well enough, but surely you are teasing!!

IMHO, any of the big three could beat an allstar team from Lexington.:rolleyes: :thumb:

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Look ---------the lexington Schools are in the SAME DISTRICT>>>>>>> not region........... HELLO.... it is impossible to meet in the finals!!!!!!!!!!!:rolleyes:


Now It is again a numbers game how many total public schools are in liville? How many in Lex? 4 to 1 huh??????? not too bad.


;) Now look at the playoffs and Lex. vs. Louisville..... and look at the regular season ............I think the 5.....I repeat 5 lexington schools more than hold their own....:fight:


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Originally posted by ram95

...Times Lexington schools have met in the finals- Never ...


How logical is this? They can't possibly ever meet in the finals. They will never be in the opposite sides of the bracket.


You could make the same ignorant statement about NKY 3A teams. They have never met in the finals either so how good could Cov Cath or Highlands be? Surely they would have met once in the finals if they were really any good. Logic is not your strong suit

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MEMORY is not some of your alls strong suits. It wasnt until the late late 90s, was the current playoff format put into practice. If you recall, in 96 Nelson Co. played a Lexington team in the state finals. That year Fern Creek, Trinity, Male X were all on the same side of the brackets. At that point Louisville was not split up, and Lexington could have been (under that playoff format). It wasnt until the late 90s did they split louisville and everything east, vs west louisville and west KY.



So it was possible for Lex area teams to meet in the finals!

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