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  1. 7-3 6 minutes to go OHS fumbles on the 34 of MC. 6 minutes left in 3rd.
  2. OHS 7- MC -03 Nick Hall running hard Owensboro Defense playing well but Meade shooting themsevles in the foot they have been in OHS territory three times and and only got 3pts.
  3. I saw last years team what has changed with Owensboro? You have a few guys that have some speed but nothing like Meade has seen already. How big is OHS? Is the kid that backed up Wimsatt last year playing at QB? I remember one speedy reciever I think he wore a single digit # but he is it( Fern Creek had three or four like that kid) ? Meade has a balanced attack that is hard to defend with very versitle strong backs. The defense is the best we have had since the French Era it I think compares to those defenses well. Coach Mattingly has done a great job at keeping the tradition of Meades defense going and this year he has the athletes to implement that attack. This is teh best team has had since the teams that competed with the Louisville schools not that I think they are there yet but they have several key athletes that make the whole thing work. I think the people are remembering the meade team of last year and this teams is twice that team. I think this teams 8-2 7-3 team. Fern creek will be a ranked team at the end of the year they are better than last years 8-4 team. Butler has fallen off they were just no that good, with a few speedy kids and a huge deffensive and offensive line they should be a better football team than they showed against Meade. Oh well good luck we will see who shows up Friday night.
  4. I hate to guarantee something but I guarantee Meade will move the ball on Owensboro.
  5. What is that Meade Score based on? The game is at Meade Co. ? Meade is a good football team on the edge of being great. Also Meade scrimaged Daviess Co and they are not very good at all Meade could have scored 10 tds on them but only scored 7 Henderson if they are anything of the past should win 56-0.
  6. They have tremendous speed and size on the offensive line to match the Qb can get it where they need it. They have great specail teams, the kicker and punter. If they can improve until their pentalties they can play with anyone.
  7. Bowling Green is in as far as tradition. Hop-town and Waren Central and Owensboro along with JH are THE only threat from the West. Its very weak JH may be undefeated through regional play every year for a while in the new format.
  8. JH is on the other side of the playoff brackett with only Christain Co and a spattering of teams who really have no tradition of being powerful in Highschool football. Also If I were a kid in Hardin Co. wanting to play football I would want a close to new top of the line facility to play for and one that has a state championship coach so I think that John only continues to get better. They do not have the stature that cov Cath and Highlands have YET but the cards are laid out right to make them a powerhouse. I guess time will tell.
  9. The distrcit at the top three will be tough could be anyones to take this year. Meade John Hardin and North Hardin.
  10. I just have a hard time seeing Manual losing so much and not falling off a little. No offense to the Ram nation I just think you graduate that much experience and your going to feel it. You guys give me a reason to think other wise but I dont see it.
  11. WOW looks like Metcalfe has something good going some let me know the details.
  12. Meade look great in the season opener. Great Team effort by the kids and caoches good Job Greenwave nation.
  13. Mark Terry absolutley but no offense to Mourning but he is not quite a Division 1 maybe a 1 AA guy but I think that is even a stretch. I would say Dean from that team has more skills to play at the Division1 level than Mourning. Fern Creek has two The QB and the Great WR they have could play at Division 1.
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