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  1. I have not seen one single O Cath fan complain about the numbers. Maybe I am not looking hard enough but I can't find it anywhere. I have seen other people post about it but never an O cath fan.
  2. The fumble in OT was not even close to a fumble. I watched the replay of the game and his whole body was on the ground when the ball came loose. Also the face mask penalties were obvious if you were to watch the replay, those calls were as easy as any in the whole game.
  3. The Aces have played more players both ways this year. I would say the answer to both of your questions is yes. OCath's defense was struggling because the best athletes were strictly offensive players. OCath needed some playmakers on defense and found them in Holland and Ijames. I would also say they do not have the depth they have had in the past.
  4. It does make sense because the playoffs aren't seeded 1-8 they are seeded by two sides of 1-4. Besides, OCath had a better Record in their district. OCath went 5-1 in district while Trigg went 5-2. If both teams played the exact same schedule then it would make sense to go by overall record, but since they don't the higher seed does and should get home field.
  5. This is a hard game to pick. OCath didn't play well for the first half of the glasgow game but came out in the second half and played better than they have all year. If the Aces play like they did in the second half then they should win, but playing like they did in the first half could put the Aces out. Trigg is a good team, and that is something that OCath has not beaten this year. OCath has lost every game they played against a team that was any good. I can't look at the OCath schedule and see one quality win so IMO Trigg is the best team they have played since Apollo. Obviously OCath is better than they were at that point, but Trigg can and will play good so it will be interesting to see how the Aces respond. My pick: OCath 35 Trigg 21 with the game being much closer than the score indicates.
  6. OCath 42 Glasgow 13 OCath rolled the Scotties a couple of weeks ago and I just don't think they can make up that many points in just a few weeks. Coach Edge loves playing and beating Glasgow so I don't see the Aces coming out flat. Important note OCath lost to Monroe at Monroe and Glasgow beat them down there. It's obvious Glasgow is not that bad. OHS 14 Henderson17 This could be one of the best games in the whole state this weekend. Henderson lost to OHS last time they met, but I just get the feeling Henderson will find a way to win. I think OHS is the better team, but I something tells me to look out for Henderson. I have been looking forward to that OHS Warren Central matchup so if my prediction holds I won't get to see it.:cry:
  7. The Aces defense looked very good for most of the night. They played tough and swarmed to the ball. The ofense was kind of frustrating to watch. They came out on fire early and became stagnant throughout the middle of the game. I thought the offense was very predictable for most of the game. They did put a lot of points on the board so that is good, but I wanted to see more aggresive playcalling to put Butler out of it early. Holland looked good as usual but I still cannot figure out why Norcia doesn't touch the ball more. I was with a big group of people and we all noticed that Norcia was open almost all night but he rarely got the ball. For OCath to go far they have to get him the ball more.
  8. OHS 45 Grayson 0 OHS dominated the first meeting and will do the same in this one. The Red Devils can look past Grayson toward Henderson and still roll with ease. Apollo 7 Henderson 31 Henderson won the first meeting by a couple of scores, but Apollo has fallen off the map since then. Squeeking by a poor Ohio Co team and being demoralized by OHS. Henderson played with OHS for most of the game before collapsing at the end. Apollo made some magic last year when they upset Marshal Co, but I don't look for the upset against against Henderson. The only chance Apollo has is if Henderson looks too much at OHS and comes out flat. OCath 42 Butler Co. 7 OCath won easily against Butler in the first meeting and should do the same in this one. OCath can score a lot of points very quickly and Butler can't. If OCath limits the turnovers then you might see a shutout. If the home teams play like they should then this should be an uneventful weekend, but Henderson better stay focussed on Apollo. Apollo has a better chance at the upset than Butler or Grayson this weekend.
  9. Daviess Co 28 Grayson Co 35 Grayson wins in a good one. DC can score but they cant stop anybody. OHS 14 Henderson 21 I know a lot of people like OHS in this one, but I think Henderson has been equally impressive this year. Henderson wins in a close. Wish I could go to this one. OCath 42 Glasgow 21 OCath should roll very easily. I like that the offense seems to show they want to run the ball, now if the defense could show they can play tough for a whole game. Apollo 31 Ohio Co 7 Easy win for Apollo. Not much to say
  10. Apollo 7 Henderson 28 Apollo is better than I thought they would be this year, but Henderson is too good. Apollo will show they are a good team buy playing with Henderson for the first half or so, but Henderson will show their might in the end. Daviess Co 28 Logan 21 Hard game to pick when you look at these two teams. These two are as equal as they come. I pick DC because they played Apollo tough, but thats it. I wanted to pick a tie. OHS 42 Grayson 6 Not much to say here, but OHS is the better team. OCath 35 Edmonson 31 A lot of points and not a lot of defense. OCath has proven that stopping the run is not a priority and Edmonson will run the ball. OCath could have beaten Monroe but they can't hang on to the football and Monroe played better. Edmonson got beat fairly easily by Monroe. Monroe that is the common game between the two and OCath was closer to the win. Edmonson will win if they run the ball consistantly and sneak the pass in every once in a while. OCath will win if they show some signs that they can play defense and they hang on to the ball. I go with OCath because I'm an OCath homer.
  11. OCath is soft and cannot stop the run, but what else is new. Didn't go to the game but its easy to tell what happened. I had bought into the stuff that OCath had turned it around, but actually what happened was the level of competition had dropped. The Aces have one more tough one on the schedule in Edmonson so who knows what the Aces record will be at the end.
  12. Apollo 10 Evansville North 28 Apollo's run should be over after this week. I don't know too much about North but they are probably like most Evansville teams. Daviess Co 0 Owensboro 42 Too much OHS. Don't expect much from DC in this one. OCath 28 Monroe 21 Monroe will run on OCath's poor run defense, but OCath is also starting to play well on offense. Should be a great game and I expect Monroe to give the Aces all they want and then some. OCath has a little more than Monroe in the end. Ohio Co 0 Henderson 42 This game will be a lot like the OHS vs. DC game.
  13. DC 17 Ohio Co 14 Daviess Co looks to be getting better and Ohio Co does not. Close game, but probably not a pretty game. Henderson 59 Grayson 14 Bye weeks good for all. Injuries can heel and players can prepare for the stretch run. :dancingpa
  14. I just don't know a whole lot about Male this year. I figured they were pretty good because they always are. OHS has a solid defense and they will probably give up more than they have given up all year but I do believe in that defense. IMO the offense can do enough to make OHS a very dangerous team. About OCath I couldn't agree more. They looked bad against good competition but my hope is that the game will come a little easier because of that brutal beginning of the year. I agree the Aces won't play the level of competition they played at the beginning of the year unitl later in the playoffs.
  15. Apollo 28 Daviess Co 10 I'm probably wrong but I think Apollo may overlook DC and not play to their potential. Apollo is probably 35+ points better than DC but I don't expect to see that type of performance. OCath 55 Todd Co 7 Too much OCath OHS 14 Male 21 I think OHS will hang around and give Male all they want and more.:fight:
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