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  1. 1. Mercer Co 2. Russell 3. Belfry 4. Western 5. Middlesboro 6. O catholic 7. Caldwell Co. 8. Fort Campbell 9. Sheldon Clark 10. Breathitt Co.
  2. I agree somewhat but it just seemed like the team was rolling and sometimes you see teams come out of a bye week flat after playing so well previously. note: I have never seen Catholic come out of a bye week flat.
  3. Owensboro, Apollo, and O Cath are all on a bye week. I think this is good for Apollo in that they struggled against Dc and could use it to refocus. Catholic was starting to play at a high level and might have preferred to keep rolling. They will need to practice hard though as the long trip to Tompkinsville is in two weeks against a solid Monroe County. Owensboro would probably just like to get out on the field, they will have two consecutive Fridays with no games with the Male game getting cancelled. Daviess Co. 24 Ohio Co. 21 I think Dc comes away with a victory in this one. They played better against Apollo and Ohio Co. is really not that good. I expect a close game the whole way and a field goal late to decide it. Henderson Co. 49 Grayson 7 Henderson will be way too much for Grayson.
  4. This was the first Aces game I have missed in three years so I am kind of going on what was in the M&I this morning. They said Catholic lead 42-0 at half and didn't play but a few starters early in the third. It seemed like Walker and Holland are becoming quite a combo with three more TD's in the first half. The defense held Todd to something like 22 yards in the first half and Todd didn't manage to score until the fourth quarter on two TD passes. Hopefully the Aces use this bye week to get 100% healthy and get ready for a Monroe team who just blasted Edmonson for over 500 yards rushing.
  5. I was very shocked by this score. From what I saw from both of these teams when Catholic played them Apollo should have won by 3+ TD's. I can't imagine them having to score in the last moments to beat a poor DC squad. I imagine this bye week is going to serve them really well and they will get refocused.
  6. Very much agree here. My big concern for this team is stopping a team that has the ability of pounding it at them. I don't see anyone in the district capable of doing that so it might be a few rounds into the playoffs before we know how good the Aces are.
  7. I understand what you mean. I thought I could have been pushing it to put 28-7. I hope noone sees this as disrespect for the devils more as a respect for Male and what they are capable of doing.
  8. Apollo 35 Daviess County 6 Apollo continues to impress me every week. They are a tough team and they showed a lot of heart pulling out the win last week against John Hardin. DC is having a major problem stopping the run and I just don't think it will get better against apollo. O Cath 49 Todd Co 7 Now that Catholic is into district play they are starting to look like the team that we thought they would. They are running the ball more effectively with Ward and Ijames. Walker and Holland seem to have a great chemistry through the air as well. I think Catholic will jump out early and cruise to the final gun. Owensboro 7 Male 28 The stout OHS defense will get a huge test against Male. They have not and will not face a team with this type of athleticism all year. I expect them to hold their own early but Male will be to much in the end. Also I don't expect OHS to have much success moving the ball. Male will key on Hall and force someone else to beat them and I don't know if there is anyone esle that can do that.
  9. The Aces are starting to look better. With Holland and Ijames out there this offense rolled. Walker looked much better and the line blocked extremely well. The defense continued to improve but the 8 minute drive the aces gave up to start the 2nd half was kind of discouraging. All in all I am very happy and hopefully this is a sign of things to come in the district.
  10. Apollo 7 John Hardin 28 John Hardin returns to Owensboro this Friday to play undefeated Apollo. John Hardin did seem to move the ball against OHS, they just couldn't score, and if they can move it against OHS they can score against Apollo. Daviess Co 7 Warren Central 49 WC will be ready to pounce on an outmanned opponent after losing two weeks in a row to fall to .500. DC is obviously better than they were last year but they are still a long way away from being competitive. O Cath 35 Butler Co. 14 Catholic seems to be improving on both sides of the ball after a slow start. They were able to run the ball against DC and managed to stop the run. They also had slightly better success through the air even without Holland, I know it was against Dc but it was still a start. I don't know much about Butler but I do know they beat Todd by 21 last week and seeing as I know nothing about Todd I have no clue what that means. OHS 42 Ohio Co. 7 This game looks like a complete mismatch on paper. The only way this is close is if OHS is looking past to Male. I expect Hall to have a great game and the OHS defense will continue to roll.
  11. For the first time all year Catholic actually had a few sustained drives. Ward and Ijames ran the ball very hard along with Walker on the Qb draws. Walker wasn't great in the passing game as he had one INT that was very very bad but he did have two nice TD's one was a beautifully thrown ball to Tipmore. Norcia was more involved in the passing game which opened up more for the other receivers. Holland tried to play tonight but was limping so bad he was useless. If he were healthy Catholic wold have wore out the DC secondary. Defensively catholic did a better job of stopping the run as a few times we even managed to bring the big RB down on the first hit. They also did a good job of containing the rollouts and forcing the QB to make a play with his arm which he was not capable of doing for the most part. Catholic did have some blown coverages in the secondary that resulted in big plays for DC but we got the win and that is all that matters. This should calm this team down heading into competition that is not near what they have faced in the first three weeks.
  12. Apollo 35 Grayson 0 Apollo is not a great offensive team they have only put up 55 points this year in the three wins. Their defense on the other hand has only given up 21 points. I think they have better success against Grayson on the offensive side and I expect another good defensive showing as Apollo goes to 4-0. Catholic 34 Daviess Co 14 According to the stats on the khsaa website DC has given up an astounding 743 yards rushing in their three games. This might be a game where Catholics struggling running game will get some confidence. The passing game should also see a big boost with the return of Holland. With Ijames, Norcia, and Holland all out their at the same time its hard to imagine this offense at least not having a little success. Owensboro 28 John Hardin 14 I expect OHS will be very pumped about the return to a new and improved Rash Stadium. John Hardin is a solid ball club and should give the devils all they can handle but I think in the end Hall will get at least a couple big runs and that defense will continue to show they are one of the best units in the state.
  13. The Aces defense looked a lot better and the guys played a lot harder. Ijames at safety was awesome. That is the big hitter this defense is lacking and he could spell Winckleplek who goes out every third play with injury. Walker did struggle but he needs to look at Norcia more often. That kid has good hands and with his size should be unguardable. He was open a few times and was just missed. Holland seemed to have an ankle injury and hopefully will return next week. With Holland and Ijames this offense should be able to move the ball.
  14. Apollo 35 Catholic 7 Until the aces show me something it will be hadrd to pick them. Apollo ha splayed pretty well and I expect them to win this one pretty easily Henderson 42 Daviess Co 0 This one will be over very early. OHS 31 Meade 7 It is very tough to move the ball on this devil defense and if that offense can play well they will win a lot more games.
  15. I don't know if I have ever been this disappointed in a Catholic football team. I am pretty sure that half of these kids could care less whether or not they play. They just want to say that they are on the team so they can impress people. Well I have news for them; the reason people were, I emphasize were, impressed with Catholic football players was because they played hard and they had respect for the OC on their helmets. These kids just sit on the sidelines and whine the whole game when Edge raises his voice to them. Speaking of Edge, he catches a lot garbage for his in your face attitude. All I can say is that he shows more restraint than I would. I would send half of these kids packing for the effort they show. I have said this a few times already this year, this team has the talent to compete for a 2a state title but if they don't get tougher they will continue to have results like what we have in the last two games. My message to these players is that you are not playing this game for your little girlfriend sitting in the stands you are playing this game for the experience of a lifetime and for all the past and future players who will suit up for the green and white, now cowboy up and play the game the way it supposed to be played!
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