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Upcoming Movies You'd Like To See (2017 Edition)

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Good movie as far as a story goes. Interesting. Inspirational. Feel good movie. Well worth the time and money to see it.


You won't get any Oscar performances out of it. Just a really nice feel-good movie.


Took my daughter and wife to see it, we all enjoyed it very much.


Ended up with 3 Oscar Nominations:

Best Motion Picture of the Year

Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role: Octavia Spencer

Best Adapted Screenplay

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Went with my girls to see "A Dogs Purpose", theater probably needs to change air filters because there were so many allergens in the air that I heard people sniffling and saw them wiping their eyes throughout the movie.


Nice little story, feel good (and at some points not so good) movie.

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Wonder Woman!

Wonder Woman!

All the world is waiting for you

and the power you possess

In your satin tights

fighting for your rights

And the old red white and blue


Wonder Woman!

Wonder Woman!


Now the world is ready for you

and the wonders you can do

Make a hawk a dove

stop a war with love

Make a liar tell the truth


Wonder Woman!

Get us out from under, Wonder Woman


All our hopes are pinned upon you

and the magic that you do

Stop a bullet cold

make the axis fold

change their minds and change the world


Wonder Woman!

Wonder Woman!


You're a wonder, Wonder Woman!

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