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I Don't Know About You, But I'm About Rained Out.


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Daily multiple rain storms in July and August are not usual down here in paradise, but this summer has been unreal, especially the last 2 weeks.


We had 22 inches of rain in July, 15 inches in the last week alone. Yesterday, the official record for total rainfall on August 1st, previously 2.60 inches, was broken as 3.3 inches fell. I registered over 4 inches here at the hacienda from 7 AM yesterday to 7 AM this morning.


Another storm just passed through and I checked my rain gauge, a minute or so ago. Another inch.


My home is on relatively high ground, 23 feet above sea level and about 7 or 8 miles from the north end of Tampa Bay. The level on the lake we live on is high, but I've seen it higher. It would have to rise a good 6 feet to threaten my back door.


My worry is that if a hurricane decides to come this way, I have no idea where the water will go. We're all saturated up.

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Here we go again. After a total of 10 inches over the weekend, I was awakened, this morning around 5, by a storm coming in off the Gulf. It has been raining hard and steadily since.


Just pulled from the Tampa Bay Times site....


As of about 10:30 a.m., 5.8 inches of rain had fallen in the previous 12 hours in Odessa and 4.99 inches in Oldsmar, according to the National Weather Service. About 7 inches had fallen in Palm Harbor and 5.10 inches in Dunedin. In Pasco, 5.83 inches had soaked Holiday. The Weather Service numbers showed 3.78 inches of rainfall at Tampa International Airport and 1.74 inches at St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport.


Citrus Park, where I live, borders Odessa to the south and I work in Oldsmar. It was fun getting to work this morning. We are currently pumping water away from the building into a swamp area behind it, but that's full, too.


Pasco emergency management officials called for an evacuation of sections of the Anclote River Estates, saying the waterway was expected to exceed major flood stage again Monday afternoon. The river was 20.83 feet high as of about 8 a.m.; the major flood stage is 24 feet. Weather Service forecasters predicted the river would reach 26.3 feet Monday.


When will it end? Forecasters say Tuesday, maybe.


Shot of South Dale Mabry Hwy near McDill AFB from about an hour ago.



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I just can't feel sorry for you Rat.


If it needs to rain for a couple of months, while it is still warm, I will take that over 6 months of cold every year.


I'm with ya, not looking for sympathy. I have no intention of moving. Just stating a fact. I'm just over the 23 days of rain in a row, tired of being wet all of the time. This moisture is unusual, even for us. It's more like Seattle, here, than Tampa.

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I take back what I said about the lake, Sunday. My parents moved out to this lake in 1996, the house next door. The dock at their old house, now my sisters place, is surrounded by water. That never even come close to happening, before. The level on the lake has never been this high.


I'm still confident the house is not in danger, but I admit I'm starting to worry some.


Here is a shot of the canal behind my house....



I'll try and find some comparisons.

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