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USA Today - Best Boys Basketball Program Contest

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The 5 Kentucky teams in this contest are:


Covington Catholic



Mason County

Scott County


Read all about it on first page of link and choose a state to find the Kentucky team you want to vote for, and vote as many times as you want.


CovCath currently has a giant lead.


This contest will pick a State Winner, then a Regional Winner, then ultimately a National Winner.


There are about 6 days left to vote for your favorite Kentucky team.


Best Boys Basketball Program 2015

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You can vote as many times as you want. CovCath's votes total jumped from 1100 to 1240 in a matter of about 7-8 minutes. I'm sure word's gotten around and the same people have been continuously clicking the vote button..


The other 4 schools can do the same, obviously we know who has the best fan base. :whistling:

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In OCD fashion I just voted for CovCath about 50 times and have noticed others are voting for them as well.


As a little warning though to the CovCath faithful... Don't back down because I've noticed that Mason County has added about 300 votes tonight lightening fast.


Hope I did CovCath a favor by posting this, but on the flip side I did expose this contest to other schools who might go wild with it, so vote vote vote and don't let up!


CovCath is currently in 13th place nationally.

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I'm tellin' ya people...Mason County means business!!!


They've jumped up to over 500 votes in the time that CovCath increased by about 100, and about 70 of those were from me.


I can't keep pace with them.


There's no doubt they're aiming at taking the Colonels over.


Spread the word... and we'll gladly welcome the help of anyone else in the 9th Region that wants to help out.

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Hey, Can we (Brossart) play too??????


* An 11 Year Veteran Head Coach

* Average 20 Wins Per Season

* Haven't Had A Losing Season in 21 Years

* Have won a Statewide Tournament In Past Ten Years

* Have Played In A Statewide Tournament in 11 of the past 12 years

* Publish A Media Guide That Goes To All Colleges and Media Outlets in State

* Run A Full-Fledged Dedicated Website Updated daily

* Broadcasts All JV and Varsity Games On the Internet

* Conduct A Major Youth Summer Camp

* Travel To Out-of-State Team Camps On Alternate Years

* Consistently have graduates playing in College

* Self sufficient (Operate in black through fund-raising)

* For The Past Seven Years Run a Golf Outing That Nets +$18k

* Less than 300 Students 9-12

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That's a dumb poll. Oh wait, did I say that out loud?


I agree. As for tradition, Trinity has only been fielding decent basketball teams since around 2000. To me, tradition means more than just 14-15 years. I would have put other Louisville schools like Ballard or PRP on this list before Trinity.

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