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  1. As a former teammate of these guys, I couldn't be more proud of the work they've accomplished this season. The Mason County drought is over, and I'm so excited for this team to fulfill their dreams of playing at Rupp. Go Royals! #TNG Also congrats to Augusta on a heck of a season, and to Maddox, Snapp, and Crawford for a heck of a career.
  2. I haven't seen any mention of his name while reading through these comments, but I think Conner Sweeney will have to step up and absorb a huge new role this season. As the only experienced big man on the roster, he is going to have to hold down the fort in the paint and really take control as a leader. Pig can only do so much, and being in the shadows of names like Shawn Johnson, Dorian Henry, and Jake O'Mara for the past 2 years, Sweeney will have a huge workload that he'll have to carry in order for this team to be successful. Go Royals!
  3. May be a little far fetched, but is Kelly Carwile an option to return to coach? I'm not real sure where he was at last year, but was a good assistant at MC before he took the head coaching job at Pike Central.
  4. With DeMarco Murray gone, what are the options for Dallas at the running back position? Looks like they could be negotiating with the Vikings to get Adrian Peterson. If that doesn't work out, they may have to settle with taking a back in the draft. If it comes to this, who do they take? Melvin Gordon? TJ Yeldon? Todd Gurley?
  5. Murray signed a 5-year, $42 million ($21 million guaranteed) contract on Thursday. As a Cowboys fan, I hate to see him go.
  6. What's up with horses being eaten by walkers? I don't think I've seen any other animals on the show, let alone them being devoured by zombies.
  7. Correct. They've played with each other since about 1st grade, too. Talent, experience, youth, and all kinds of chemistry within this group. Excited for the future within this girls program; way to make Maysville proud Lady Royals!
  8. Final from Winchester. Lady Royal are 10th Region champs for the first time since 1987.
  9. Agree. Will the Jets go after Mariota in the draft now? I heard on PTI this morning that this may all be part of a bigger plan to acquire Nick Foles from the Eagles. This would probably give the Eagles the #6 draft pick and I would assume that would result in Mariota playing for Chip Kelly once again.
  10. PASQUALE'S!! Highly recommended but good luck getting a seat. Maysville will be packed Saturday.
  11. 1.1 Madison Central 1.2 Lafayette 1.3 Henry Clay 1.4 Lexington Catholic 2.1 Lafayette 2.2 Lexington Catholic 3.1 Lexington Catholic Tiebreaker #1- 271 Tiebreaker #2- 133
  12. Well, this should be interesting.. Airs Sunday, March 15 at 9 p.m. ET on ESPN.
  13. I'd be disappointed if this happened again.. Seems like Morgan has been an everlasting cliffhanger all season. They keep showing short clips of him, but he still hasn't appeared significantly in any episodes this season.
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