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Staying Alive Contest (Week #1)

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We are going to be doing our Staying Alive contest again this year. As before, the concept is pretty simple and succeeding should be pretty easy at first, but strategy early on will greatly impact how you do as the contest proceeds. The objective of the contest is to make like the Bee Gees and "Stay Alive".



    Here is how it works:
  • Each week you will pick six teams that you believe will win that week. These teams may be from ANY classification.
  • Teams chosen must be playing a team from their class or HIGHER. Exception: You may choose 6A teams that are playing 5A or 6A.
  • You may only pick an individual team to win one time. Meaning if for instance you pick St. X to win in Week #1, you can never use St. X again.
  • Everyone who gets all six teams correct will advance to play again the next week.
  • If you are eliminated or do not compete in any week, you will not be eligible to continue.
  • A quality prize goes to the winner. Check here for a reference.


Your entry each week should be in the following format:









Do not post anything that is not an entry. If you do so, the post(s) will be deleted. If you are not eligible to participate (eliminated in a prior week), DO NOT POST IN THIS THREAD.


The deadline for all entries is 5 pm (EST) Friday.


Good luck to all!

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