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  1. Bruner and Wolford had a close working relationship
  2. Do not sleep on Eastern in the 7th. They will be very competitive.
  3. Retro, you seem to be reasonable. So here goes, Mishler and her mom moved into Eastern's resides. BALLARD signed off on move. SIVILS played varsity at Eastern in 8th grade. Now plays where? That's right Sacred Heart So publics not always hypocritical.
  4. Catch, would love to know why you think SHA wins on a neutral court? I respectfully disagree, especially if it is a college size court. Eastern's quickness would be more prevalent.
  5. The powers that be are not going to allow the football team to drive the school. It is well known that a public school student has to score higher than a private school student on the entrance exam in order to get accepted at X. Perry will accept being mediocre in football rather than risk being embarrassed by a student athlete down the road.
  6. I stated even before the season started that X does not have the horses to comPete against very good teams. I don't mean to put anyone down but truth is their RBS don't scare anybody. Their oline struggles to get a push at times. Their WRs are athletic yet struggle to get separation. QB is nice,just not polished. Their better athletes play D Don't expect change of philosophy from administration. Would of happened by now.
  7. Curious, by X shutting down T's vaunted offense in 2nd half earn their coaches a little credit or did Beatty keep it close to the vest just to tease the Xmen into thinking that they had a chance?
  8. If prp is 0-3 do they lose to Butler on purpose? If Eastern beats J town does Jtown try to lose to Seneca? 5th place teams move to different district. They avoid Male and T in first round of playoffs.
  9. Who might that be? Please don't say Kimbro She is not 6"4' and she hasn't been attending open gym.
  10. When road to state includes Manual and Male I believe it can be an issue
  11. Very,very athletic Very,very deep Glaring weakness is an active big. Should be fun team to watch
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