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  1. The lefty pitcher from Bath Or Salow from Ashland will be in the running.
  2. Hunt pitched for Fleming gave up only three hits and 12 K's. Jones and Perdue pitched for Greenup they gave up five hits 10 K's. There was errors on both sides. I think the C from Fleming was charge with E and he had a hit. Hunt had 3 hits. Moore, Brown, and Boyles had a hit. Questionable call on Boyles at bat with Jones on third and Brown on second. Boyles check swing, some thought he went around, but ump behind the plate thought different. You will have this in baseball.LOL
  3. #1 Boyd County or Ashland, #3-#5 Fleming, Greenup & East Carter.:sssh: Just my guess O Yea! Greenup Co. New Scoreboard is a beauty to see. Best in the area hands down. Boyd Co. you better get to work.:thumb:
  4. If you are hitting close 73% of your shots don't really matter who is playing or not.
  5. Boyd Co and Ashland top two teams, but I think there are couple of other teams with shots of winning the region.
  6. Are you guys doing some improvements? I've noticed the infield is torn up.
  7. I know for a fact that the Burg wants Greenup back on their schedule, Burg gets alot of points for beating 4A team from the state of Kentucky.
  8. I took notice of ram signs over signs purchased by businesses that were to be display during the game on the fence. Businesses pay good money to have those seen on friday nights. Check your placement next time ram nation. FYI
  9. Coach Copley main thing this week would be winning the game not tryin to showboat. GC has not arrived to much of everyone belief.
  10. 36-28 ashland with about 8 minutes left in the fourth. GC has the ball.
  11. Looks like in might go down to the wire. End of the third. Tied 28-28
  12. Ashland 28 Greenup Co. 28 Close to end of third. :eek:
  13. I can see Adkins coming to GC with the spouse's connections here in Greenup Co. :thumb:
  14. Both East Carter and Greenup are playing poorly.
  15. I'm sure Raceland players would like to see their old teammate dressed in Greenup colors. LOL:D
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