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  1. :idunno: No, I do not personally know him but I do know who he is.:Blackalien: Lol He has mouthed off regarding Coach Dodd one too many times to suit me. Do you get the feeling that I might like to get to know him just a tad better? :sarcastic: Lol
  2. Ashland is his home town and there is no travel for recruiting. He still owns a home in Bellefonte and thought it was at least worth considering. He may not ever leave Nashville as he has a lot of family there. Also, NAIA, in my opinion doesn't pay that much difference and he loves teaching and coaching high school kids.
  3. Please, who are you trying to convince. I was at every Russell practice for 5 years as well as the games. I don't recall you ever being involved in one of our practices. Have a good life! I'm done here.:eyeonyou:
  4. Yep, That shows how well informed you are. A well thought out post with so much insight... At least you are making your post count rise. Here's another way for you to increase your posts. Create a duplicate...
  5. Yep, That shows how well informed you are. A well thought out post with so much insight... At least you are making your post count rise.
  6. Ashland is looking for a youngster, it seems and Coach Dodd has two NAIA offers,: if he decides to leave Nashville. So everyone wins.:popcorn:
  7. Every school gets transfers. It's what you are able to do with them that matters.:popcorn:
  8. Coach Dodd is planning to coach another 10 years, at a minimum. This is his hometown and he had planned to retire to this area. He is not looking for a stepping stone as he is already an NAIA Hall Of Fame coach. He has found that he enjoys teaching high school kids the most. :thumb: He has been at Hillwood High School in Nashville since leaving Russell and finished this season at 20-4. At one point, they were ranked 4th in the state. They were upset in their district. And yes, he has applied...:popcorn:
  9. Just to throw this out, Ashland has the opportunity to hire the best coach available in Steve Dodd. He is a 73 graduate of Paul Blazer, an NAIA Hall Of Fame Coach and also coached at Russell for 6 years. Had it not been for an injury to Derek Sloane in the first minute of the 05 regional final, Russell would have beaten Rowan Co. He won it in 06 with his weakest team during this three year span and in 07 was a prohibitive favorite before top player Jon Vanhoose went down with a knee injury in the districts. Russell had already beaten Elliott Co bad twice during the regular season. This man can coach!!! I had decided to stay off this web site awhile back but I sure hate to see Ashland miss this chance. Coach Dodd still owns a home in Bellefonte. We have been best friends since 74 and no one knows him better than me. duck1220 Steve Adams
  10. :whistling::idunno: Transfers might be his only shot to win there in the near future. Best of luck to the new coach.
  11. If Conway is the selection and he is permitted to ask, I imagine he would want want Coach Kidwell on staff. But, the higher ups may also want to make a clean break from the old staff. I have heard several names mentioned, if Humphrey can't be lured away from his job. I just can't imagine Scott wanting to enter that hornet's nest though.
  12. It's the name I heard, if Humphrey turns it down. But hey, you probably have better sources there than I do at this point. Lol:cool:
  13. I'm hearing that former Russell Assistant Coach Jim Conway is the frontrunner.:idunno:
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