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  1. That's great, lets just tell those 12 schools they have to wait another week on their basketball kids who play football
  2. If you are about facts maybe you should recalculate. Clay didn't beat wburg by 40 last year. That is all I will post because obviously your love for your team has messed up your math skills.
  3. If you are gonna whine about the road in the region. Look at how much harder Williamsburg had it in the district. The same arguments you just made about Corbin and all that. Williamsburg beat 2nd or 3rd best team in the region first round of the district. Then Corbin in the finals. What was clays district like? At some point you have to just say the scoreboard did the talking. You can twist and turn things however you want. This is what happened.
  4. I had a front row seat tonight, and to say that would be an understatement. Clay county's players and coaches showed Williamsburg more class than any team all year. Clay county fans should be proud of their team not only for the hard play but how they handled the whole tournament. Williamsburg played well tonight we hope we can make the 13th region proud at Rupp. Awesome tournament.
  5. I copuld be wrong but I think if you check the rule book for high school basketball that call is only for the official who gives the ball to the inbounder. The college and pro game may be different
  6. So we've now got into the business of posting for Coaching positions that are not even open. That's an embarassment to a lot of genuine discussion that goes on. Anonymous disgruntled Dad take this up with your Coach, AD, Principal or Supt. face to face
  7. Methusela uh, hey that's pretty good I like that! but we from Methusela's time didnt understand the little emoticon
  8. Well "Dude" I'm fairly certain at my age we old guys dont guess when it comes to taking up for a friend and colleague. We "relax" knowing we've got each others back because Lord knows no one else does.
  9. That is the most asinine statement Ive seen on here in a while. Ashland basketball couldnt have been in better hands than for those years that Mike Flynn was the Coach. One of the most well versed coaches who who played and won by playing the style that fit his talent at Warren Central, Holmes and Ashland.
  10. Well said babyjack1 it couldnt have been stated any better better "never has so little been known about so much"
  11. Hickory you speak as if you personally know this Supt. or are your opinions just more "Guestulation"[/b] on your part? You said earlier that no head coach was interviewed for the position and that is not correct.
  12. All of the Guessing and Speculation about this situation adds up to "GUESSTULATION" and that's at the top of the list for those who are misinformed
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