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  1. The 16th has to have Greg and Steve Logan at the top . 5 region championships in 10 years , I think 2 L`s in region championship game. been to state final 4 , 3 times. got up to #6 in USA today poll last year . A hole lot in just 10 years. Rowan Co Keith Prater is a really good coach , was at Lewis Co a few years. His only problem has been Greenup, or would have a Region or 2.. #3 Boyd CO #4 East Carter. I also think Baseball is the 16th best sport .
  2. Game played Thursday 2nd... Raceland started the gam hot , inside and out. Weaver from outside and Davidson from low post, and a 26-25 1st quarter lead. Than Gage Hughes took over dropping deep 3`s and driving to the rim, while getting 9 rebounds for the game. Hughes and Mike Hubbert helped out score Raceland 31-12 in 2nd and 23-9 in the 3rd. Starting the running clock. For the final GC 93-70. Greenup still has a ton to improve on ,but this late into the season and what little coaching that is done , I don't see much change. The highlight of the night was GC`s Gage Hughes scored 47 (32at half) tie the school single game record . A shame Tackett didn't leave him in to break it, and of course he had no clue Gage was that close. Tackett told paper he didn't know , I guess the 3 other coaches didn't . But anyway congrats to Gage and his teammates on a win. Greenup Hughes 14-24 7 - 3s 12-13ft = 47 and 9 rebounds Mike Hubbert 9-14 fg 6-8ft = 24 and 6 reb Eli Lanning 5-8fg, 2-4 from 3 =12 Brady Nelson (Fr) 1-1 from 3 , 2-2 ft = 5 Raceland Weaver 6-9fg 6-8 from 3 =18 Davidson 7-15 = 16 and 6 reb Potter 6-9 fg, 1-2 from 3 = 13
  3. I don't think you have really looked at Greenups`s numbers . I`m a fan of the players for one, but GC only has 2 wins VS teams with winning record West Carter and L-Ville Eastern. So of the now 16 wins , 14 are 500 or Below. Of the 6 looses , 5 of them came from teams with winning records , other was East Carter. Can GC win games yes. Can they win the Region ? 3rd is way to high to rank them . Than put in the lack of coaching and drop a few more. I would say GC is #6 or #7 but could beat a higher team. Another season Coaching has hurt, what could be a team that could make a run at the Region. more wasted years with Tackett , I guess Kidwell coming last season was enough to get him over 500.
  4. Same thing happened at the Greenup Co - Allan Cent game .1st jump ball both held on a little long, double T called. (my op really bad call) than the Allan cent kid , a few min later looked at Ref and said they are holding my jersey, T num 2... Both by the same Ref , who is well know to give quick T`s. There where probably 10 other times a player ask or said something in same manner . Both where bad call`s and now the kids out 2 games.
  5. From the 2 times JC and Greenup CO have played . Blair will shoot it . if I had my choice of JC players Crace is my pick , can shoot 3 pulse will drive. Better all around.
  6. For one Greenup has yet beat a team that is over 500. Ashland played them well, till the end... Ashland has a lack of talent , from what I have herd he is tring to find something they do good on both ends. MY op really good coach , loves Ashland. Just needs some players. And the Kids need to have a little pride in them selves , and play hard , put in extra time, listen to coach. I`m so tired of kids getting yelled at , and it s on the coach. Greenup has a nice coach who doesn't yell or be mean. He`s did nothing but lose . So parents and players , coach`s will get on the players. Man up or don't play. Ashland has a good young coach let him be.. Or trade Greenup for Tackett.
  7. Greenup has been a preseason top 5 team the last few yeas, and at the end of the season was closer to bottom. The 16th is weak this year , maybe the Greenup players can over ride Tackett`s coaching and end the season near the top. Having 11 home games hurts, and there are a few week`s they travel a lot . Hopefully for the players they win.
  8. still not the best way to do things. Moved 1 up and than played him , maybe 2 min. The other subs played the JV game . Its like make up your mind who plays up full time . I think it hurts the kid who got moved up , than didn't play . And the kids who do sub in , wonder why they still play JV... But this is Normal Tackett , Not to much of what he does makes a bit of sense . #WorstEver .
  9. Fist , Congratulations to Fairview`s Dylan Romine for scoring his 1,000 point tonight. Romine finished with 18 points to lead Fairview Final from Westwood , Greenup Co 86 Fairview 64. It was all Musketeers from the tip till the end. GC jumped out to a quick 6-0 lead and never looked back with 4 starters scoring in double digits. Gage Hughes 28pts , 20 in the first half. Mike Hubbert 18 pts, 10 reb, 10 ast for a Triple Double . Eli Lanning 15pts Jaxson Keeton 14pts I didn't get the number of 3`s Greenup made tonight , but guessing 10-15 . The team shared the ball ,and shot it well from 3.. GC subbed a good bit in 3rd and than pulled all starters with around 3 min left in 4th. Greenup is now 2-1 , next at Lewis Co Friday.
  10. What do you think he needs to turn around.. You must know him really well, or not.. He`s fine and he can spend his money how HE wants. He is getting paid more than that mill.
  11. Gage Hughes , Greenup Co also played on the Giants team, and was MVP of tournament .. 250 teams and a ton of top players . Dew has more on the way
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