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  1. It is on campus behind the school. Take the Mackcorkle Ave. Exit off 64, I think it is 54. Take a right at the bottom of the ramp and as soon as you pass Bob Evans, you will take another right onto Jefferson Rd. Once you cross the RR tracks you will take a right onto Kanawha Turnpike. Drive that road until you get to the Chestnut St. intersection (Go Mart and a Shell/7 Eleven) and take a left at the light. As soon as you take a left you will go up the first road on your right.
  2. Lots of inexperienced young guys on defense right now that will get better with more reps. The main thing that I can take away from tonight is that when this youthful JC team fell behind they didn't get rattled and fought hard to the end. After the practice routine was disrupted, a long bus drive and missing your stud RB as well as another playing with a fractured hand I'll take a win any way possible. With an extra day to rest hopefully we can heal up before another physical game in Charleston, WV next week.
  3. Spent all day watching college baseball and I was thinking the same thing. The bottom bracket is a bear this season. Going off of what some have said, the super regional would be an idea. It may be the most idiotic thing ever posted to some but I'll share. Regions 1-4 Regions 5-8 Regions 9-12 Regions 13-16 Neutral site each year with a double elimination format over three days. Then the following weekend bring the winners from each one of those subdivisions to Lexington to play another double elimination format. This would not extend the postseason any from the existing format and it would be similar to the current football alignment as far as West vs East.
  4. So proud of this young man. JJ was a tireless worker in high school and is probably one of the most humble and genuine guys you'll ever meet. It was not uncommon to see him running the loop around town early Saturday morning following a game or hitting the gym after every practice for at least an hour. Now all that hard work has paid off and he is one step closer to what every little boy that plays football dreams of. Regardless of how it turns out, he has made everyone in the JC community extremely proud and will be the first to ever participate in the NFL at any capacity.
  5. What an awesome opportunity for both of these schools. The game may only last 7 innings but it will provide a lifetime full of memories.
  6. Hated that they did not want to renew the game with Johnson Central. I'm sure that it probably had more to do with travel than anything else. Everyone affiliated with the program that we were able to speak to was extremely polite. Best of luck to the Knights in 2017.
  7. Final numbers: 172 carries for 2,134 yards (12.4 ypc), 34 TDs and received Player of the Game honors in the 4A State Championship.
  8. Words truly cannot describe what a remarkable all around athlete and person this young man is. A phenomenal football player, state champion wrestler and last season led the baseball team in every statistic ( BA just under .500 for the year, doubles, triples, RBIs, SBs and HRs.) He has committed to play baseball at Marshall University but dozens of colleges are still ringing the coaches' office phone in hopes of attaining his services on the gridiron, some even wanting him to play both football and baseball. He scored a 29 on his ACT in his first attempt, very active in community service but probably one of his greatest achievements has been the ability to lead several of his teammates to Christ. Thank you "Nails" for all that you have done and I'll always be one of your biggest fans. Here is his SR year tape. http://www.hudl.com/v/12jMq1
  9. Both teams like to line it up and run it down their opposition's throat. If that doesn't work then they will go to the air. Very similar philosophies in my book. FS has some grown men on the line. 74 is their biggest, I believe maxpreps had him listed at 6'4 300 but the guy can flat out cover some ground. Like others have said, FS is capable of busting one loose at any time through the air or on the ground. Is 40 really a freshman? That is a good looking specimen. All I know is that JC is going to have to play flawlessly. You aren't 14-0 because of luck, they are a dang good ball club.
  10. 3 for certain with another that could've gone to Wake, Duke or a few others decided to go another route and is going to Marshall to play baseball. The kids will announce soon. What does it matter if they have kids that choose to play college after high school? Over the years several have had the opportunity to play at the next level but chose not to. Circumstances and goals are different for everyone as some go to work to help out their families after graduation while others would rather focus on their college degree. All we hope is to survive this week and earn another shot. We got beat by a much better team last year. Hats off to South Warren on their win, you will not find one person at JC that doesn't respect the crap out of them for their accomplishment. The kids refocused, got back to work in January and is just one more week away from taking that next step on their list of goals that they set. At this point in time we are much healthier than we were last season even though we've already had 2 starters and a backup undergo season ending surgeries. We aren't looking ahead and most of the hoopla being thrown around is not by those affiliated or around the program. JC seems to be the butt of a lot of jokes and if that helps you fill out your big boy pants keep firing away. All I know about the young men and the staff is that we have a must win game this Friday before we can even think about Franklin Simpson or John Hardin. Our focus is only on Wayne County and we will leave all the hypothetical talk up to the keyboard gurus.
  11. Both JC and Ashland dropped down to 4A after the 2010 season. Nonetheless, what this group of Seniors have achieved thus far is truly incredible. Best wishes to the men from Pond Creek the rest of the way. You all have represented our area during this time with pride, dignity and class.
  12. Hats off to Belfry on the win. The only two players that I know of were out for this one from JC was starting CB Linzie Goble and starting C Brady Taylor. JC had numerous chances to take control of the game but Belfry rose to the occasion and made big play after big play. Preece is going to be a dandy QB because I'm not sure many freshmen would be able to keep their composure in a game of this magnitude and battle back the way he did. Tonight as a player I believe he grew leaps and bounds against that massive Belfry defense. One thing that I think most people are thankful for is that I don't think anyone suffered any significant injuries. Glad to see Horton was OK after his injury on the sideline and the other lineman that was able to get up and return. Also was able to talk to Cole after the game and what a fine young man he is. Best of luck to him and the Pirates the rest of the way.
  13. Central pummels Ashland: Ervin one of several making big impact | Sports | dailyindependent.com
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