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  1. Just saw that Burn Notice starts back on the 21st.
  2. This one is my favorite. I think it starts on the 19th.
  3. Correction. The 300 was on the 6th of March in 04.
  4. 300 back in 06. Thrown 11 outta 12 26 times. Can't bowl anymore though.
  5. 73 at Devou and 76 at Glenview.
  6. I was wondering if they were bringing it back. I hadn't seen any promos on USA. Not to change but what about Royal Pains?
  7. Conrats to all the players chosen. A special CONGRATS to Drew Rice from Ludlow. A great young man with a tremendous work ethic.
  8. That's ashame! I've had more problems with McDonalds than any other chain. I must say you showed a heck of alot more control than I would have done.
  9. The bottom line is Ludlow needs to play mistake free football to beat Bellevue. They are capable of winning this game. Hopefully they don't lay another egg like last week and they come out and play smash mouth football.
  10. That's a very good question. I look forward to that matchup this year. And Ludlow laying the proverbial egg year in and year out against Beechwood is really getting frustrating. I'm not saying they should be beating them, but I do think the Panthers should be giving them alot more competition. Hope that changes soon.
  11. Maybe not the best game the Panthers have played, but a win nonetheless. This win gave them a playoff spot and that has to be rewarding for this program.
  12. I have to go with the Panthers in this titanic struggle.
  13. I can see them going 6-4 or possibly 7-3 at best.
  14. I agree that Coach Hornsby is the right fit for this program and I look for this program to keep making positive strides.
  15. I have a question regarding Friday's game. Early in the game ( maybe 1st batter) hit a foul ball that Hanigan dropped. He wasn't charged an error. Why? It was clearly a play that a major league catcher should make. I believe the batter eventually struck out. Anyone know?
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