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  1. I think thread speaks for its self. No one at East cares about football anymore.
  2. Does anyone know where the Cantrell Kid from East Jessamine is going?
  3. I heard that he kicked/stepped on another player in the throat. Is that true?
  4. I look for East to win but West makes it interesting. East 28 West 12
  5. anyone know a score or some info of this game?
  6. We are an insane bunch aren't we!...Sarah Palin and bit bulls....are kittens compaired to FOOTBALL MOMS (grin)
  7. We were at the game and throught both teams competed well. Turn overs were a big part of the game. I felt EJ had better skill players. I was told MC was a very young team if so than they will be a team worth watching for the next couple years. EJ didn't turn the ball over but they droped several passes that could have been tds. I beleave both teams will have good years.
  8. Loked like East Jessamine was the better team last night. Dunbar moved the ball but not very well. East scored twice while Dunbar got a late score .Varsity East 12 Dunbar 7.
  9. Can you think of any that may surprise us and be a dark horse for this season?
  10. East has finally gotten a quality staff. When Hensley went to Dunbar his staff went with him. It has taken this long for the new coach to get the coaches he needed. West has a new head coach this year that has experience and I hear good things about. His problem is that he has the same staff as the last two coaches.
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