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  1. I believe Smith is the front runner after last night. I talked to a couple of players and they said in the last few days Smith has stepped up. A couple of injury notes,o-lineman Byrd was hurt in practice tuesday and has posssible mcl injury to knee. I hope he has a quick return.
  2. Some interesting news for the start of the season this year,I believe Georgetown has to sit out a few players the first game due to being ejected from the last game of season last year.I think VanSant is one and Valdez is another,not sure if there is anymore.
  3. I think you will see equal reps. between Ammons and Smyth at the QB spot, tonight at the orange/black game.
  4. Alex Mathews recieved a concussion during the Lambuth game,after seeing the dr. many times it was determined that he end his football career. As for the QB situation all I know is that Ammons has been practicing at QB. Dustin May is no longer with the team.
  5. Ammons will get the job.They are practicing alot on the option should be interesting.They moved Doss to the backfield.
  6. I do see Ammons getting the QB position. I know he has put in a lot of extra work. I also believe Van Sant will start this year.
  7. Im going with Van Isaac, if Ammons does not get it.
  8. They have plenty experience returning,so i hope its a good year.First game of season they travel to Fla. to play Webber Int.
  9. On their menu it has opening soon Florence,Ky. but no date.
  10. All day Tuesday. From 11am till closing. The price was affordable,cost like $12.50 per person.
  11. Went to Quaker Steak and Lube in Milford, Ohio for all u can eat wings on Tuesday. The best i ever had, and I have tried about every wing joint out there, lol.
  12. Do not expect much. Both of his parents are about 5'8.
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