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  1. what happened to the last principal ? Mike Abel? did he retire
  2. I have heard from a fairly reliable source that John Hodge from Bourbon Co will be the next coach at Montgomery County. If this is in fact true, then what direction will Bourbon go?
  3. well deserved. Been watching her for years in our region. Hands down, best player in our region since Epps.
  4. Did the superintendent at Marion ever move to Marion? I heard she was supposed to move to Marion per her contract. Kind of silly to me since the principal also does not live in Marion. Will the new coach move to Lebanon.
  5. Does anyone have any information regarding what direction Owen County will go with their coaching hire ?
  6. now it's 80 + points ! Somebody better hire a DC !!!!!!!!
  7. Does Franklin County practice defense ? Who is the guy who gave up 70 points + ????? They are blowing a chance to be in the state finals ! I am watching this mess and I can't believe that FC even practice defense. They seem clueless !
  8. I heard that Mike Davis the former coach at Grant County will be the new coach at Greenup County as soon as the posting window closes. Davis would be a good hire for Greenup and would do a great job.
  9. Larkey won't dodge anyone. He played Bell this year and if there were ever a team to dodge, it's Bell this year.
  10. Henry in a big way. I saw Gallatine live and I just don't think they can beat Henry
  11. This game will be a great money game for both schools if they can do a home and home.. Both coaches are quality and so are both programs.
  12. WOW ! If that happens then Berea football becomes relevant very quickly. I will believe it when I see it. Not sure that Berea can get Stepp to come back. They don't seem to care about sports down in the South end of Madison County.
  13. If they are from Berea or played at Berea the chances of them knowing how to win are VERY slim. Probably should look for someone who has any experience with building a program.
  14. Jude is a great kid from a good family. I congratulate him but I hope that Ft Thomas takes note of this game and gives Matney what he deserves; that being a taste of his own medicine. I hope Dale gives him ALL that he deserves. Matney keeps trying to get away from Highlands by requesting to "play up" and the KHSAA refuses him. I hope that the teams that play him from here on out will hand him a dose of humility !
  15. You guys have convinced me..... I changed my mind... Franklin by 30. We know your coming and we will be waiting. Please bring your A game so you have no excuses !
  16. FTH is the best team in the state of KY this year period. 6A is down and FTH could beat any of them
  17. Name a staff better ??? FC's offensive staff is nothing short of spectacular. Can Holmes say the same ?
  18. Franklin has a new coach and new scheme. Last year was last year ! The winner of this game is the district champion and it's at FC so get ready. FC in a BIG way. FC may have the best offensive staff in the state !
  19. Watch and see Franklin is an offensive juggernaut. Holmes will be grabbing at air all night. FC 42 Holmes 28
  20. Franklin County by 20 + Holmes can't handle the FC offensive attack !
  21. Nobody. Koog will still be calling the shots but an assistant will be the head coach in name only. The Koogler era is FAR from over.
  22. He is going to need it. SO does not really care about football and that is known throughout the state. Holbrook did a great job there.
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