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  1. Last update I got owen was up7-0 but that was a while ago
  2. I will be at this game from what I seen last Friday the highlanders was very good at running the ball .I will say male wins but no blow out this is a decent team they are facing I say 34-27 male
  3. I know TJ very well. He can get kids to play. The biggest thing with Owen County is giving him time. They gave coach Fowler time and he had winning seasons. Owen would be a strong team in the district if the numbers they had at spring training stay the same.
  4. Gald Owen county is getting some respect they have some good talent coming back
  5. How do u know if that touchdown never stood who's to say Ncc would force a 3 and out and and then Smith broke a big run .I understand that all hearsay but you can't say that wouldn't of made a difference.. A blown Call and a tainted championship
  6. This is a statement by Adam Today was a tough day. Yes, I did resign as Head Football Coach at Owen County High School. Having to tell my guys about my decision was tougher than I ever imagined. There are so many things I want to say. The last eight years I have worked w/ an amazing group of young men and women. To all my players, thank you from the bottom of my heart! The memories I have will last forever and will hold a special place in my heart. To the men I've had the pleasure to coach along side, thank you as well. The relationships formed are very special to me and I pray they continue. As for my future, I don't know what it holds for me. I will continue to teach at Owen County this year. I'm not sure if I will coach again or if the bug will bite me again. For right now, I look forward to spending a lot more time with my little girls and my wife.
  7. I am not for sure he has not made a statement yet but when he does I will pass it on to you all
  8. Today Adam Fowler has stepped down from the head coaching position at Owen County. Adam coached Owen County for 8 seasons and led Owen County to their first ever undefeated season and first playoff win since the 80's. Adam, we hope that you know how proud Owen County is of you. Once a Rebel, always a Rebel.
  9. Is holy cross star player out. Does that change their game plan. I think Owen run game is to much can't wait for this game
  10. Owen looked very good tonight.Hudson is a monster back
  11. I think Owen county run game will be to much for Gallatin
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