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  1. Going way out on a limb with that statement. Clearly, anytime the ball is going to be passed, the better the QB, the better the pass. That's a given. However, if the spread offense is installed, repped, etc. properly, a less than stellar QB can be efficient in the offense if he is 1) coachable, 2) above average intelligence, and 3) a good leader and decision-maker. Arm strength/athleticism are way down the list.
  2. How many seasons have you run the spread offense versus other offenses?
  3. Several factors combined to make this a tough season for SL: 1. Loss of an outstanding senior class, which had dominated the team last season except for a few positions. 2. Lack of overall size, depth, and experience, especially on the OL and DL. 3. A slew of injuries to players they could not afford to lose: Quinn, Cochis, McQueen, C. Nolan, etc. 4. A new head coach and the loss of two other very good assistants. One thing they can be proud of is that they fought hard in every game, winning some games they probably should not have talent-wise. That fact is a testament to the team and the coaching staff. I am sure they will do the same in their last game vs GRC.
  4. Please name an offense that works without talent, because I would like to market it to football coaches. The spread offense, when installed, practiced, and executed properly, actually helps the less than loaded offensive team - much like the wishbone/option schemes of previous decades.
  5. That 2-4 team (B'ham Minor) is about as athletic as the Spencer-Bush Male team from a few years back. I have seen both T (twice) and Hoover play in the last year, Hoover would win by at least 3 TD - no knock on T at all, have great respect for them, but the size and athleticism of Hoover would be too much for the Rocks. I think the pressure and the grind of all the attention is getting to Hoover right now - they will take it to a whole new level come playoff time - that is their M.O. the last few years.
  6. Hoover is 6A. I think Lakeland, FL is the new #1 team.
  7. John Curtis HS, the team that beat Hoover last week, resembled St. X talent-wise, except for their A-A RB, McKnight. They were physical with Hoover and ran right at them, then went over the top twice when Hoover expected run. Hoover may beat an X or T, but it wouldn't be a blowout, imo.
  8. I think the phrase "quit on them" is misleading. The team continued to lift and workout as in previous seasons until school went out. They got most of the ten allotted spring practices in before Coach Irwin resigned to take another position in AL. Coach Irwin gave them 12 combined years as an assistant (two volunteering) and head coach plus four as a player - he did not quit on the team. If he had resigned during the season or right before the season started, then your phasing might be more accurate. Other than that, I agree SL must be more balanced on offense, but with Quinn and McQueen banged up, that may not be possible.
  9. Congrats to Coach Abbott and the Jaguars. They made the plays and deserved to win the game. David is a 1) a great guy, 2) an extremely hard worker, and 3) a very good young coach and leader of men. He sets a great example for NL youth. SL sorely needs leadership from their veteran players. Too much excuse making, finger pointing, and sloppy play. The scheme is the same as the last two games, but the execution wasn't there. Can't blame the coaches for this one, imo.
  10. FYI - Bingham suffered from cramps in the 2nd half, probably why he wasn't in more.
  11. No, connection is fine - just have to post when the Hound nation has illusions of grandeur. 2003 30-28 (SL got lucky) 2004 41-28 (Corbin was w/o key players and SL got lucky) 2005 26-6 (Corbin was young and SL got lucky) 2006 21-20 (see 2004 excuses) 2007 Prediction - Corbin doesn't renew contract. 4 in a row, baby!!!!!
  12. Whitley, Lincoln are winable games too.
  13. It may be true - but the timing of the post shows a lack of respect and poor sportsmanship, imo.
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