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  1. Rivals.com Andrew Skwara believes Lofton might be the NCAA's second best three point shooter since the 3-point line emerged. http://collegebasketball.rivals.com/content.asp?SID=1146&CID=675627
  2. I agree 110% unless they pull someone big in fill the enormous shoes that have been set on the UK program. Say maybe John Calipari
  3. Colts number 2. Lets be serious here. Right now they are not better than the Ravens.
  4. Andre' is the best QB in the SEC. Stats do not lie.
  5. you will be surprised with how good this demon deacon defense really is... Louisville 31 Wake 27
  6. Heyman is the younger brother of UofL defensive Lineman Earl Heyman. He is just like his brother in that his future is in football, but is a very skilled basketball player when it comes to "getting down and dirty." A great rebounder who will surprise some people with his play this year. He is that good in football to, rumor has it UofL has already offered him a scholarship and he is a Junior.
  7. YESSSSSSSSSSS! I am a huge cubs fan and this is the biggest move that they have made in the free agent market in a couple years. If they resign pierre (not sure if they already did) that would be pierre, soriano, lee, and ramirez top four...what an order...
  8. Yeah we weren't in the top 10 but I know for a fact we were in the top 25.
  9. Wow!....what a game. I have never WATCHED a game quite like this one. It came down to the end and every minute was crucial. Male made a few penalties late that they wish they had back but tonight it was not their night, falling inches sort of basically a state championship. Honestly I do not think the best team won tonight...but Trinity deserves it as much as any team does...Congratulations to Trinity and now just make sure none of the outer-louisville teams wins the title. I never thought I would say this after 2002 but go rocks?
  10. Game of the Century? If it is half as good as the National Championship last year then I will be surprised. Ohio St. 28 Michigan 17
  11. Trust me I know what it feels like to get beat in the second round. My senior year we got beat by North Hardin and it hurt more than anything. After the game I could not bring myself to get on the bus, and was the last person to get on. We did not leave everything on the field and because of that we lost a game that many thought we should have won. Just tell your son to keep his chin up. He has a ring, and even if he did not win one his senior year, some of us would give up anything to go back and play one more game over again.
  12. wow how could you take rasheed, tayshaun, and even kidd before AI. Pound for pound their is not a better player in the NBA than the answer.
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