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  1. This one is going to be ugly early and often.
  2. Best of luck to you Rams!! Keep this special season going.
  3. Just want to wish GCHS the best of luck tonite! You're not supposed to win this game, so go out and prove the prognosticators wrong and come out with attitude from the very first snap. Find somebody and lay a hit on them. You have to be more physical than Rockcastle on each and every play. Go Musketeers!!
  4. I like GC in this one, but not by much. GCHS 14 Rowan 12
  5. It's an away game, and the Tomcats are coming off an emotional win over my Red Devils.... I think the coaches have to make sure that there is no let down. That being said, I predict Ashland loses in a close, hard fought contest.
  6. Any rivalry worth it's bragging rights needs to be competitive. Ashland needs to win occassionally just to keep things interesting with Russell. You can bet next year the Devils will be looking for some payback. :fire:
  7. The combination of BC's athleticism and preparation always seem to make this an interesting game, but I still like my Devils 28 - BC 14.
  8. I predict GC wins on the sideline with their champion cheerleaders; but Russell wins the contest on the field. Russell 35 GC 13
  9. I hope GC has a great season, minus that first game of course. There's too much pride and traditon surrounding that program to settle for anything less.
  10. Wow! Looks like the GC program has got some life in it again. I just got back onto BGP for the fall football info and it is great to see the interest is back for the Muskies. I know they are still using the Tony Franklin spread system, but it seemed like their late surge last season came when they started running the ball.
  11. From a visiting team standpoint, that old, decaying Vipperman stadium was nothing short of intimidating. You felt like the Pirate Nation was right on top of you as you stood on the sideline. Vipperman definitely served as Belfry's "12th man" for every game. I felt much more comfortable last year at the CAM and the final score refelcted same.
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